Introducing our May Design Challenge

MAY 2, 2016

Are you ready for our second month-long Design Challenge? Spark a conversation around Ocean Conservation by submitting an Ocean-themed design that you think would look great on a pair of shoes. The winner will have their art featured on a limited-edition run of BucketFeet shoes, cash prizes, and much more.

Don’t design? There’s a chance to win a great giveaway, too! Read all the Design Challenge details and get to know the brand, Bucketfeet, by tapping the button below. 

Please note that there are no scale requirements for this challenge, and the previews during voting will be shown at the fat quarter size, 21″ x 18.” Bucketfeet will work with the winning designer to make sure the production-ready version is scaled appropriately for shoes.

Want to see how your design looks on a pair of Bucketfeet shoes? Download the Photoshop file template and instructions here. Using this template is totally optional and not required to enter the contest, we just thought you might want a fun mock-up to share with friends and help you visualize how awesome your design is going to look on a pair of kicks!


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