Introducing June’s #SFWeeklyDesign Prompts

MAY 18, 2016

Week One: Floral Dinosaurs

In order for creativity and artistic skill to thrive, it needs to become a habit. With that in mind, we launched our brand new #SFWeeklyDesign series. We give you the prompts, and you take it from there, posting your creations on social media using the hashtag #SFWeeklyDesign. Week one’s prompt was “Floral Dinosaurs,” and the results did not disappoint! Our designer community came together to create some pretty spectacular dinos. We were quite amazed! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below, and you can see even more here on our special Pinterest board.

Dinosaur Garden Party submitted by @sky
Floral Dinos submitted by @papercanoedesign
Ditsy Pink Dinosaur Floral submitted by @pamelachi
Dinosaur Garden submitted by @laura_may_designs
There’s still plenty of time to jump in and participate! You’ll find the rest of May’s weekly prompts here.

 June’s Themes

May 30 – June 5: Cats + Donuts

(!!) In celebration of National Donut Day (June 3rd) and National Hug Your Cat Day (June 5th) why not put them together for an epic surface design? Sprinkles, jelly-filled, bacon-topped, calico, siamese, hairless. Will your cats be eating the donuts? Wearing them? Riding them through space? We cannot wait to find out.

June 6 – June 12 : Figs

From fiddle figs to brown turkey figs and purple genca, figs have been trending hard lately and we can’t get enough. Figs are currently in season where we live in the southern USA, so why not celebrate this delicious summer jewel with a fresh, lovely design featuring the almighty fig!

June 13 – 19: Ditsy Seahorses

Father’s Day is June 19th, and seahorses happen to be pretty awesome dads! The males don’t just play a role in pregnancy, but actually get pregnant. Females deposit their eggs in the male’s pouch, where he fertilizes and carries them until tiny baby seahorses emerge fully developed. Pretty amazing creatures if you ask us. Hat’s off to the best dads under the sea!

June 20 – June 26 Gemini Vs. Cancer  

Twins versus crabs, who will win the battle of the best June astrological symbol?

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  • Thanks for the feedback, Laura! We’re hoping you’ll use your imagination and bend the themes to fit *your* aesthetic. So while “cats and donuts” may at first glance appear more playful than sophisticated, it can really look however you want, it just depends on where you take your design and how you interpret the themes in your own unique style.

  • I’m sorry to see such a strong trend toward ditsy child prints. More sophistication would be nice!