Judy Quintero Spoonflower designer, pineapple

As part of our Meet the Artist series, we’re introducing you to an artist who captures the vibrant flora and bright palette of her home city of Miami. Judy Quintero (shopcabin) is an artist and talented painter who balances energetic colors with a laid back watercolor medium. Keep reading to see what inspires this Spoonflower designer!

How does your average day begin?

Getting my kids up at 5:30 a.m. and a good, strong cup of coffee my husband prepares for me.

I fell in love with design when…

I was a little girl. I love colors and the power they have to inspire happiness.

Judy Working 1 - Cabinet of Pretty Things

What’s in your toolbox?

My Mac computer and a $100 15-year-old sewing machine which will probably be with me for life.

Judy Trinkets - Cabinet of Pretty Things

When I’m in my studio, I feel..

I’m completely lost in my own little world. Some people meditate to clear their minds. My studio is my meditation.


Who or what influences or inspires your work and why?

My customers inspire me the most. I think it’s so important to listen to your audience about what they want. Since I first started my shop, I’ve always asked customers what they want to see or how can I make a product better. What would they do differently if they could. Some of my bestsellers on Spoonflower have been born this way. You can identify with so many different clients’ needs just by listening and this will open your doors to markets you never imagined you’d be in.

Judy Office Wall - Cabinet of Pretty Things

My favorite small business shops are… 

Modfox and ivieclothco for beautiful baby things, Wildflower and Company (their patches take me back to my childhood), and Vintage Confections (Planet Lollipops make me happy).

If you could live in a painting, which one would you choose?

I would happily live in any of the “Hilda” paintings by Duane Bryers. I just want to be best friends with Hilda so badly!

Hilda hammock Duane Bryers

via messynessychic.com

If I could only wear one fabric for the rest of my life…

It would have flowers on it.

My favorite Spoonflower fabric to work with is…

Linen Cotton Canvas.

I’d love to see one of my designs turned into…

A sofa.

The secret to a strong collection is…

Beginning with a versatile design that you can build from. My most successful collection, Floral Dreams, started with just one design. This print has inspired multiple designs that now form part of the collection.

My mantra is…

“I’ve got this!”

Judy Quintero - Cabinet of Pretty ThingsGreat to meet you, Judy! You can visit her Spoonflower shop to peruse her colorful designs. This, this, and this are some of our favorites.