Show Us Your #Swatchability

APR 20, 2016

You know those 4" x 4" little swatches of printed fabric you find tucked lovingly into your Spoonflower fabric orders? These swatches may be small, but they are mighty! From covered buttons and graphic shirt pockets to elaborate pieced quilts, we are always astounded to see what people do with them. Now, we want to see what you can create your free 4 inch swatch. 


We've redesigned the small swatches that ship in every Spoonflower fabric order to make it easier to snip off the text and make the most of your printed fabric morsel. Now it's up to you to stretch your creativity, and start doing big things with these tiny fabric squares. Such as…

DIY home décor: tassels | tutorial from Apartment Therapy

DIY lavender sachets |  tutorial Laura Kaesshaefer

DIY fabric paper tape | tutorial from Anne Kata

Make fabric magnets | tutorial from Andrea's Notebook

Show us your 4 inch swatch projects by tagging your makes with #Swatchability on social media. We'll be sure to feature our favorites, and you'll be sure to find inspiration in what the rest of the community is making. Need more ideas? We've got you covered. Check out our Pinterest board and get started! 

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  • Eclectic House

    I hope this means we’re going to get a higher percentage of fabric swatches instead of wallpaper and gift wrap. I don’t get the fabric even 1 out of 5 orders.
    I used up most of my fabric swatches a long time ago, making a doll quilt.
    I haven’t figured out a use for the paper swatches so they are probably going to wind up in the compost.
    Lets see if I can put pics of the doll quilt on here. I don’t do any social media with tagging, so this is the only way I can share it.
    spoonquiltfront 9535
    spoonquiltback 9536