Introducing Roostery: Where Indie Design & Home Decor Meet

APR 1, 2016 updated Jun 4, 2021

We’ve all had the experience of seeing a beautiful surface design on Spoonflower and thinking… “gosh, that would make a beautiful… pillow, tea towel, tablecloth maybe even a chair!” Then life gets in the way, and we just don’t get around to actually starting… or finishing the project we envisioned. Or for others, you may be after a custom product but lack the sewing skills to actually make it yourself (hey, we can’t all be good at everything!). Here at Spoonflower, we are excited to share that we have a small team that is working to help bring your unique home dec projects and ideas to life, no sewing skills required. 

This new venture is called Roostery. On, you’ll be able to select any design that is currently available in the Spoonflower Marketplace or create and upload your own surface patterns and have them printed by Spoonflower, then, crafted into a unique product just for you. Like Spoonflower, Roostery will only print and make the products you order helping to cut down on waste, and all of the manufacturing is done in the United States while supporting independent surface designers. Associate Director of Customer Development, Kate, stops by the blog today to give us a closer look at what’s to come.

What is Roostery going to be selling?  What will be unique about the Roostery experience?

Kate: As we grow, Roostery is excited to offer a wide array of custom-made home décor products, from throw pillows and tea towels to chairs and couches to duvets and sheets. All of our products will be created with Spoonflower fabric, printed in Durham, NC, and then custom made in the United States.

We are building 3D preview tools and the ability to include multiple designs on your one-of-a-kind products. We are also exploring new ways to search by color, and to find color coordination across designs. We plan to regularly share inspirational collections of designs and to highlight surface designers and interior designers in our community. We are sincerely looking forward to sharing our discoveries and developments with you as we grow into these exciting new features.

Custom printed pillows will be available at Roostery. From left, Parasol Garden- Cardinal Red/Wood Brown/ Imperial Blue/ White by Andrea Lauren, Spring Garden Botanical by Olivia_Henry, & Turk Brocade Floral Dark by Holli Zollinger

So, tell me about the team.

Today, we are a small skunkworks team incubating within Spoonflower, as we build out a home goods product line and a new website under the brand of Roostery.  In our team of three, we have Anjana, the head-honcho (aka director of Roostery), Dylan, the alchemist (aka lead developer) and myself, Kate, the fairy god-mother, (aka head of customer development). Needless to say, we are all wearing many hats as we work toward bringing this shared vision to life.

From left, Kate- Assoc. Director Customer Development, Dylan- Assoc. Director Engineering, and Anjana- Director 

I’ve got to ask, where did the name come from?

Wow, naming this new venture was an adventure all its own. We spent several afternoons staring at a whiteboard full of ideas; we crossed most of our ideas out while looking others up on Wikipedia and Google. We laughed a lot. Then, we all cheerfully agreed on Roostery. We love this name because, the idea of nesting and caring for your space is super important to us. Choosing ‘roost’ as the root of our name helped to highlight this connection with home and a feeling of comfort in your own space. On the other hand, roosters are usually the center of attention amongst a flock of hens. They are brightly colored and they are proud. This side of our name highlights our focus on empowering all of our customers to stand out, use color and pattern, and truly make a space their own.

So when can we get our hands on some Roostery products?

Right now! We are all really excited about the fancy features I mentioned earlier but, while we invest time in building all of them, we sincerely want your feedback on the products themselves.  Starting now, you can now order custom home dec products on Roostery! You’ll be able to select from two types of pillows, a set of two tea towels, placemats, or dinner napkins. Then, just choose from any public fabric design in the Spoonflower Marketplace, or use one of your own private Spoonflower designs, to have printed and custom-made into one of these products (more coming soon!).


The goal of this initial low-tech launch is to get your feedback on Roostery products. We are a small team in the early stages of development and your feedback–general thoughts, delight and criticism–will help to shape how Roostery grows. We are grateful for your interest and are sincerely looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Be sure to check out the introductory Roostery product line and peruse the FAQs. Still have questions? Feel free to email us with any questions at We’ll be posting updates and home dec inspiration on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Houzz, so find us there as well!

Do custom-printed, ready-made home goods sound like your personal décor dream come true? If so, share how you’d plan to use Roostery products in your own home in the comments below and sign up on!


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  • Frank Marley

    Wow that’s pretty awesome that you can do any Spoonflower design on a pillow. Some of those pillow patterns would look so nice in our new living room! 🙂 roostery sounds like a cool site. They do custom work for artists similar to another site I’ve heard of called Although marvelpress does more than just pillows. They do custom cups, phonecases, and kitchenware.

    • we’re glad you’re excited, Frank! Roostery also offers tea towels and napkins, and they hope to expand their product offerings soon so stay tuned!

  • Hey Tracy, Thanks for commenting. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about the products and pricing once we launch. All feedback is welcome and appreciated! Best, Kate

  • Hey Jenn!
    Wow, glad to hear we “saved the day”, thank you! I hope you’ll share your ideas and feedback as we continue to grow! And, of course, we hope you have fun focusing on the creation of your beautiful fabric designs!
    All the best, Kate

  • Hey Annette,
    Thanks! We are starting with a set of two tea towels, a throw pillow, and a set of four napkins for our soft launch. We have a few other products lined-up after that, but we’d really love your feedback and suggestions about what products you’d most like to see added to the line.
    Best, Kate

  • Teresa, We are so excited to have you be a part of Roostery too. Can’t wait to see your surface designs come to life on home dec products! All the best, Kate

  • Hey Jane,
    Thanks for commenting. If you’d like to join the Roostery mailing list please visit to sign up. We’d love to hear your feedback on our first round of home dec products. We are excited to help make all of the lovely designs in the Spoonflower marketplace accessible to everyone, sewists and non-sewists alike!
    And, what a great, simple idea for the calendar tea towels! Thanks for sharing.
    Best, Kate

  • Hey Susan,
    Thank you! So glad to hear that you are happy with your Spoonflower prints! I hope you love how the Roostery tea towels show off your prints also. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of them once we launch. (PS: we are excited to skip the hemming step too!!)
    Best, Kate

  • Thank you Julie! If you haven’t already, please take a second to sign up for the mailing list on so that you’ll know as soon as we launch bedding. 🙂

  • Sooooooo excited your coming out with this site!!! I started a home collection but didn’t want to go through the process, just create beautiful fabric… Thanks for saving the day!!!

  • I am very excited about this launch. I have no time to sew as I also am very busy with my mobile makeup and hair business At the age of 50 I started my textile design second degree at the Academy of Art part time.
    It took me 6 years to graduate and then I was still not educated in the softwear programs I needed to succeed. While working full time with exceptional tutoring from ARC tutoring I have been able to learn these programs. I am at a turning point where I have been offered a tutor position in the fall at Academy of Art ARC Tutoring. Presently I am developing my pattern design website and can’t wait to have real items with my designs on them. My design success has been a very long work in progress as I am deafened and it just takes me longer to process information from Photoshop and Illustrator. I believe in my dream and can’t wait to be apart of Roostery. Thank you so much.

  • I want to be on the list! But keep in mind that’s what we interior designers do every day, as well as measuring for the right size, advising on what is appropriate, ordering the proper yardage, etc. Just because you can’t do it yourself doesn’t mean it can’t be done! We all have to use our talents & help each other, don’t we? And a good designer can save you time & money.
    I love the creativity of the fabric designers on here & think that it’s great we have this resource here in NC. I have given the calendar tea towels for Xmas presents for several years now. For mine, I pink the edges, put it on the frig & then use it after the year is done.

  • soooo excited, LOVE the Spoonflower fabrics, the way the colors from my paintings show, the varied types of fabric, was thinking of making tea towels myself, but waaay too lazy to sew 4 hems, ha ha! cant wait(if you get to simple clothing, seams but no zippers, let me know) yaaay

  • You got me with bedding!!!! I’m in! It will be so great to have that option for my designs – people keep asking me when….thanks, Roostery.

  • Sounds great for consumers, but FYI it is in direct competition with textile artists printing their designs with Spoonflower for use in their own product lines. Might there be an agreement through Spoonflower regarding an additional production category the artist can select: “public textile” sales, “private” sales option, and a new one for “textile products” sales? Otherwise the artist is losing licensing options when products are open direct to the public. Nevertheless – great idea, keep going!

  • Hey Lisa, Thanks for sharing your ideas! We hope to offer each of those products as we continue to grow. All the best, Kate

  • Hey Aldea,
    Thanks so much for your feedback! We hope to add duvet covers and sheet sets sooner than later. We know they’d be beautiful with all of the lovely designs on Spoonflower! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂
    Best, Kate

  • Lisa Dellwo

    Duvet cover, heavyweight quilt, throw pillows, napkins, tablecloth, window treatment.

  • So exciting! Lots of great ideas here. I have a few popular fabrics on spoonflower and get lots of requests for products. I sew a bit but can’t do it all! I’m really looking forward to the potential here.
    Another item people often ask is if I can make a duvet cover from one of my prints – I think that would be a popular product.

  • Hey Cindy, Thanks so much, that’s a great question. We haven’t sorted out white label options yet, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind as we grow and refine Roostery. Please continue to share your feedback and ideas about how Roostery can support your business needs; your feedback is important to us! Thanks again, Kate

  • Hey Patricia, Thanks so much for your kind feedback––about the concept, name and our products––we’re really excited too! We’ll look forward to hearing what you think when you see your designs realized on Roostery home decor; I hope they are even better than you imagined!! 😉 All the best, Kate

  • cindy carpenter

    very excited…..would love it if my own logo could be on the product ( pillow tag, for example )….instead of society 6 or the others out there….that is if i design the fabric that is…????….any ideas on this?

  • I can’t express to you how excited I am to hear of Roostery and it’s roll out! I am thrilled you are going in this wonderful direction, my designs are much more scaled and appropriate for home decor so I am over the moon – thanks…and I LOVE the name – it says it all! Very, very best of luck with your new venture! It’s a winner!

  • Hey Mary, You have so many fun ideas, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! We’d love to add curtain panels to our product offering sometime soon. And I agree, plates, platters etc could be a fun addition down the road! Best, Kate

  • Absolutely amazing! First thought that comes to my mind is curtains. I have posted some of my initial designs on my Facebook page, and have gotten really good response. For sure, being able to have someone else do the sewing/construction would be important for lot of people.
    The concept of adding products such as couches and chairs is awesome as well! I would think that would make The Roostery a really exciting shopping experience for those who like to have unique items, as well as for interior designers.
    As to products – I can also envision items like plates, platters, and serving trays. Shoot – even items like pens, and plastic headbands.
    As to having someone else do the sewing – that would apply to products here on Spoonflower as well. Personally, I am comfortable sewing – but for those who don’t sew, having the option of having a garment personally constructed for them would be a truly super addition to the Spoonflower products.

  • Hey Ellen, Thanks for asking! Roostery plans to handle sales of marketplace designs the same way that Sprout and Spoonflower do. Every time someone purchases a Roostery product with a marketplace design, the designer will receive a notification and credit for the amount of fabric sold. I hope that helps! Thanks, Kate

  • How will it work for the designers of the fabric? Do they make a percentage on each sale? Will information be sent out to Spoonflower members about use of their designs?

  • How absolutely, utterly fabulous!!! Just when I think you folks have outdone yourselves…well, there you go and do it again! I’m so excited! The news of this launch just made my day. Seriously. Thank you!