#SFDesignADay Progress Round Up!

MAR 10, 2016

For the past 10 days our crafty community has been whipping up a new design each day for our #SFDesignADay challenge. We are so amazed by everyone's talent, and we love to see the unique spin each artist takes to make each theme their own. We hope you're getting inspired by each day's prompts and maybe even learning a little, too! Below we've gathered a few of our favorite #SFDesignADay posts from Instagram. It's not too late to sign up or get caught up! Just click here to learn how

Day 1: Pencil Drawing

(from left) Pencil drawings submitted by @vilmary, @sophsa, and @jennifer_geldard on Instagram


Day 2: Watercolor

(from left) Watercolor designs submitted by @gabriella_cataldi, @micklyn, and @vpauld54 on Instagram

Day 3: Abstract

(from left) Abstract designs submitted by @pennycandyhm, @michellenilson, and @fossan_design on Instagram

Day 4: Block Prints

(from left) Block print designs submitted by @jograucob, @ceciliamokart, and @adiandbert on Instagram

Day 5: Pen and Ink

(from left) Pen and Ink designs submitted by @belindasigs, @kris_kvilis, and @tarynosaurus on Instagram

Day 6: Geometric

(from left) Geometric designs submitted by @monokeemono, @michellenilson, and @oliveandruby on Instagram

Day 7: Vector

(from left) Vector designs submitted by @abearcubslife, @babybubbleco, and @vector_vanbor.nl on Instagram

Day 8: Photographic

(from left) Photographic designs submitted by @babybubbleco, @ladykerrydesign, and @laneandleodesignstudio on Instagram

Day 9: Free Software

(from left) Designs made using free software submitted by @pinkyillustrates, @papercanoedesign, and @lprspr lauren on Instagram

There are still 5 days left of our #SFDesignADay challenge, so keep that momentum going and be sure to follow along! On Tuesday, the 15th at 9 AM (EDT) we'll pull one of the 15 themes out of a proverbial hat, and you will have just 48 hours (yes, we decided to give you one extra day!!) to complete a design and enter it in our special SpoonChallenge edition rapid-fire contest.    

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