Announcing the 2016 Spoonflower Employee Design Challenge!

MAR 25, 2016 updated May 28, 2016

Announcing the 2016 Spoonflower Employee Design Challenge!

It would be an understatement to say the team working behind the scenes at the Spoonflower HQ is a creative bunch. Whether we’re sewing up samples to test new fabrics or creating designs for our personal Spoonflower shops, the creative juices are always flowing! However, as many of you may already know, Spoonflower employees must hang up their weekly Design Challenge hat once they start working here, as employees are not eligible to enter contests. Enter the annual Staff Challenge…

Announcing the 2016 Spoonflower Employee Design Challenge!

Luckily for Spoonflower employees, once a year the Employee Design Challenge rolls into HQ to fill that competitive void! Unlike employee challenges in the past which had a set time limit or material constraints, this year’s challenge gave employees 4 days to create their design inspired by the SpoonChallenge: Design-a-Day prompt, Abstract!


Winners of the Employee Design Challenge receive a chair upholstered in their custom design!Former employee Design Challenge winners, Allie and Eloisa, enjoy relaxing in their custom fabric covered chair, the coveted prize for the winning design.  

For the next 5 days, (including three designer spotlights below), follow along on the blog as we show you a behind-the-scenes look into the 2016 Employee Design Challenge! Voting for this contest ends Wednesday, March 30th and the winner will be announced March 31st. 

Now let's meet the designers!

Liz : Floor Operations Team Member

Design : amazonite

Spoonflower employee Liz was inspired by amazonite, her favorite semi-precious stone!Photo by Sprout Patterns

What was the hardest part of the Employee Design Challenge?

Picking a subject for the design challenge was the biggest challenge! "Abstract" is such an open-ended concept!

What was your inspiration for this challenge?

I decided to make a design based on my favorite semiprecious stone, Amazonite. I liked the idea of trying to evoke the imagery of the patterns in the stone while still drawing abstract, free-flowing shapes.

How did you create your design entry?

After digging up some reference shots on Google, I drew everything in Photoshop. I ended up making the finished design a half-brick repeat in order to balance the weight of the shapes, otherwise it looked a little off. I can't wait to make some cool clothes out of this design!

Amazonite by Liz from the Floor Operation Team While it was a struggle at first, Liz found inspiration for her abstract design from her favorite stone, amazonite!

Joe : Customer Service Advocate
Design : modernist_faces_abstract

Joe shows his technique for creating an abstract design for the Employee Design ChallengeWhen not busy assisting customers with their orders, Joe spends his time creating abstract artwork. The Employee Design Challenge theme was the perfect fit for his artistic style!

What was the hardest part of the Employee Design Challenge?

Starting is the most difficult part, but I knew I wanted faces and loved eye balls, so I started in the middle with an eye.  Starting in the middle allowed me to bring some elements into the world of the canvas, without having to worry about keeping the repeat seamless. 

What technique did you choose to create your design?

I chose to take a different route, and did my design almost entirely by hand drawing! 

modernist_faces_abstract by Joe modernist_faces_abstract by Joe 

Todd: Junior Web Developer
Design : Spoon Sink

Todd drew inspiration from the Spoonflower print room for his Employee Design Challenge entry!
Todd turns his inspiration, a splattered Spoonflower sink in the print room, into a surface pattern ready for print!

What was your inspiration for the employee design challenge?

I had the idea of taking advantage of some of the cool ink drips I'd be sure to find living in the print room. The sink ended up being the jackpot! 

How did you get the name, Spoon Sink, for your design? 

I named it "Spoon Sink" after its origins in the Spoonflower print room sink, but a happy accident occurred along the way. Dark little figures resembling (to me, anyway) abstract spoons emerged in a circling pattern. Scratch that…it was my artistic intent all along to include tiny little spoons in my design.

Spoon Sink by ToddSpoon Sink by Todd

Inspired by a Spoonflower employee's design inspiration? Let us know by commenting below! Happy Voting!

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