Spring Into Action With a Greenhouse Sew-In!

FEB 6, 2016 updated Dec 16, 2021

News from the greenhouse

Join us in the Greenhouse for a RARE Bear sew-in!

This spring, we are thrilled to announce that Spoonflower will be hosting a RARE Bear sew-in at the Greenhouse to support RARE Science! RARE Science is a national non-profit that helps find cures for kids with rare diseases. The RARE Bear program is a grassroots community-driven outreach initiative for kids with rare disease. Community volunteers create one-of-a-kind teddy bears for one-of-a-kind “rare kids.” We couldn’t be more excited to be joining the RARE Bear army!

Support RARE Science with a RARE Bear sew-in!

Last year, Spoonflower partnered with RARE Science to support their growing efforts! Did you know that the foot fabric for each RARE Bear is custom-printed at Spoonflower? In just a few short months, the RARE Bear army has sewn bears in 6 countries! On March 19th, Spoonflower and RARE Science are springing into action by hosting a sew-in to make RARE bears with generously donated materials from Simplicity and Fairfield! Throughout the country, quilt guilds and community groups will also be busy cutting, sewing and stuffing RARE bears for each one-of-a-kind child. If you don’t live near Spoonflower HQ, you can still support the RARE Bear efforts. We encourage you to sew your own bear at home and use #RAREbeararmy to join the sew-in! To learn more about becoming a part of the RARE Bear army from home, please email info@rarescience.org and click here for more information.

Don’t miss your chance to join the RARE Bear Army – RSVP for the Greenhouse sew-in today!

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