Organize Your Craft Space with Custom Cubby Covers

FEB 9, 2016

Were you one of the many folks who vowed that this was the year your craft space would stay organized, clean and you would no longer spend countless hours digging through your fabric stash just to find your missing measuring tape? Now that we’re well into February, how are you doing sticking to these resolutions? If you’re needing a quick pick me up to get back on the resolution track, Spoonflower team member Meredith is here to help. Follow along as she shows you how to create custom cubby covers to easily keep your craft supplies in check. 

The really fun part about this project is choosing the fabric designs to match the supplies inside each storage cubby! With so many designs to choose from in the Spoonflower Marketplace, I could find a unique design to match all of my craft supplies. For this tutorial, I used Pins Blue Fabric and Scissors Red by vickythorndale printed on Organic Cotton Sateen to organize my pins & needles and scissors collection.


  • 1/2 yard of fabric ( fabric width will be dependent on the size of your storage cubby)
  • 5″ x 7″ piece of heavyweight clear vinyl
  • 5″ x 7″ piece heavy weight fusible interfacing
  • Storage Cubby
  • cloth measuring tape
  • sewing machine
  • thread/needle

1. Measure around the cubby, holding the measuring tape tightly around the cubby. You want the cover to fit snugly around the cubby. Add 1″ to that measurement to get the length.

2. Measure how tall you want the cubby cover and add 2″. The cubby cover we created was 7″ tall when finished.
3. Cut your fabric using the above measurements. My final dimensions for cutting were 55.5″ x 9″.
4. Press a 1″ hem along the two long edges. If your fabric is prone to raveling, clean finish the edges with a serger, zig zag stitch, or pinking shears.
5. Sew the short edges together, with the printed sides of the fabric together.
6. Sew the hem of the long edges.

At this point you can do a quick check to make sure the cubby cover fits over your cubby! Remember, you’ll want the cover to fit snug so it doesn’t slip down over time.

Making the Label Pocket:


1. Cut the interfacing 7″ x 5″. Cut a hole in the center that measures 6″x 4″, creating a frame.
2. Cut a piece of fabric (left over organic cotton sateen) 8″ x 6″ and a piece of vinyl 7″ x 5″.
3. Place the fusible side of the interfacing to unprinted side of the fabric, centered. Fuse according to the interfacing instructions, using a press cloth to protect your iron.
4. Cut the fabric in the center of the frame, leaving 1/2″ on all sides. Snip a V in each corner, almost, but not quite to the corner of the interfacing. Fold the fabric back and press in place.
5. Place the vinyl on the inside of the frame. Wrap the fabric around the outside edges of the frame, enclosing the vinyl. Use paper clips or small binder clips to hold the fabric in place. (It is quite difficult to insert pins through the vinyl and heavy interfacing!)

6. On the right side of the frame, top stitch around the inner opening and across the top outer edge. You’ll notice I did some extra stitching around the edges but this is not needed!
7. Place the label pocket on the cubby cover with the top stitched edge of the pocket towards the top. Top stitch the pocket in place, making sure to leave the top open.

8. Now you can slip a label in the pocket! Slide the cubby cover onto you cubby, stand back and admire your custom covered cubby.

Check out more of our tips to help organize your craft room on our Pinterest board!

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