Wallpaper Hack: Custom Laptop Sticker Using Just a Swatch

FEB 2, 2016 updated Sep 3, 2021
A laptop with a removable wallpaper sticker

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Are you ready to level up your laptop? Is it about time to freshen up those tired old stickers that have been there since you created your Myspace account? If so, we have a quick and easy project for you — the Peel and Stick Removal Wallpaper laptop sticker.

There’s a reason why just about each and every laptop in the Spoonflower HQ offices is adorned with a swatch of Woven Peel and Stick Wallpaper! It’s affordable (a swatch is just $8!) and super easy to peel off with no residue and change with the seasons of life.

Plus, with all the options in our indie Marketplace or the ability to design your own, you can truly let your creativity run wild. Watch our video tutorial below to find out just how easy this wallpaper hack really is!

Featured design: You Are So Very Loved by Noondaydesign 

Materials List

Skill Level


Because of the woven fiber construction of the Peel and Stick Wallpaper, the edges can fray slightly over time. You can use Fray Stop Spray to tame stray frays, but it’s certainly not required. 

3 Easy Steps to Your New Laptop Sticker

Tracing the laptop's shape onto a wallpaper swatch

1. Trace

Place your laptop on top of your wallpaper swatch and trace it.

Cutting out wallpaper for a laptop sticker

2. Cut

Cut out the traced laptop shape from your wallpaper swatch.

Applying a custom laptop sticker

3. Apply

Apply the cut wallpaper to your laptop.

Pro Tip

If you don’t get the perfect placement in your first try applying your wallpaper sticker to your laptop, you can always remove it and try again. You can also give some edges a trim with your scissors when applying if your traced shape isn’t perfect.

Working on a laptop with a custom laptop sticker

Switch your sticker design out whenever the mood strikes you! Spoonflower Peel and Stick Wallpaper laptop stickers are easy to remove and leave no residue.

Laptop Sticker Inspo

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  • Candis Lavender

    Is this post still active as all of the “swatches” mentioned above are currently called “test swatches” and are 2×1. Will this still come as the 24 x 12 dimensions as mentioned above…can it still be used as a computer cover? Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Candis,

      Thanks for your interest in this project! Our wallpaper test swatches are 2 feet by 1 foot or 24 inches by 12 inches. You will be able to cut the perfect dimensions for your laptop from the swatch. I’m a big fan of my laptop cover and its easy to change out when a new design catches my eye! Have fun!


  • Great post! Customized laptop skin make the look of the laptop stylish and outstanding. If you would like laptop skin cover of your own choice which is created by real wood or leather then shop it now from online store Toastmade.

  • exactly! And there’s nothing stopping you from covering cell phones, tablets, etc. with woven as well! Coordinating electronic devices–why not?

  • One swatch of woven wallpaper is 24″ x 12″. Just order a $7.50 swatch, trace the shape of your laptop onto the swatch, cut, peel, and stick!

  • Pinky Wittingslow

    Oh YES!! This is so awesome!!! I was silly and didn’t realize I could order a swatch of wallpaper. Now I’m bursting with project ideas 😀

  • The wallpaper swatches (either type) are all 24 inches across by 12 inches down. Your laptop case needs to be smaller than this (which I suspect all of them are!) and you then draw around it for the exact size and shape. You would order some number of feet on a “roll” (still at that 24 inch width) if you wanted to cover something larger.