Berlin Update: Seeing Progress in the new Office

FEB 14, 2016

Time for a Spoonflower status update: Berlin edition! If you've been curious about how things are going at the new Berlin office and want to stay in the know, read on as Spoonflower crew member Allie shares an update on the new space. Meet some new German team members, and behold the early stages of what will soon be a bustling factory cranking out custom-printed fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap for our European friends.  

The Spoonflower mark created by the Berlin ops team using string

The Berlin office is continuing to take shape! Since Christmas, the office has moved from a temporary space to a permanent office. While some projects are still in process, much of the space is starting to look finished and ready for a little Spoonflower flavor! 

The soon-to-be warehouse

The office is the trendy Berlin neighborhood Neukรถlln. Just off the well known street Sonnenalle and a couple blocks from the canal you'll find a beautiful historic white building. In the early 1900's if you were in need of a cash register, this was the building you'd visit. 

The reception space, almost ready for Spoonflower fabric!

The factory is the entire first floor so there's some room to grow! We had our first printer delivered on February 1st and are hard at work installing the machine. Members of the R&D team from the US are arriving and it's all hands on deck while we get our first printer ready to start processing orders. 

Operations space in progress

The operations space is almost complete and the team has already started assembling cutting tables and cubbies. Every day our Ikea and Bauhaus shopping list grows as we recall all the supplies needed to properly cut, pack and ship orders. 

Stitching up office decor–Weapons of Mass Creation by Bianca Green + Pomegranate and Oak Leaves by Eva the Hun

Adelina, a new member of our operations team, is one of many who have been busy whipping up handmade decorations to add color and pattern to our very white office. 

Engineers working on the site

The rest of the team works hard to get everything in place to start processing orders. We have a customer service team, getting ready to answer all the questions! I'm working hard to get the ground work laid for all marketing efforts and excitingly preparing content to share with our German-speaking community!

Visits from Gart Davis, Spoonflower CEO, are always full of adventure!

Our accounting/HR wizard Mareike is our only native German in the office right now, so she's wearing all kinds of hats and doing a lot of translation. The German site is being created by our hardworking engineers, fueled by coffee and cookies! And finally, Stephanie Reese, Berlin's director is overseeing the whole show and teaching us all how to be a legit power Frau! 

While we still have quite a bit to do, we can't wait to start printing and processing orders! Stay tuned as we continue to share updates from the Berlin office and keep an eye out for us on social media!! 


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