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It’s safe to say that we’ve got weddings on the brain, and there are so many creative makers and bloggers out there doing them DIY style. Theresa from the Spoonflower team stops by the blog today to share some crafty wedding ideas she adores. Check them out and don’t forget to share your DIY wedding craft ideas with us in the comments! 

test tube honey stick party favors and free honeybee tag printables from The Beautydogo

Theresa:  Injecting personality into the events I host, and being thrifty are two things I definitely strive for. While I may not have had my own wedding yet (he’s out there…right?!) I have attended my fair share and always get so inspired by the little details that make each wedding unique and special.  These projects definitely have the right idea!

At a friend’s wedding recently, they gave out little test tubes full of honey sticks to all the guests, which I loved. It was incredibly charming, not to mention something I could actually use (no offense to bags of rice or Jordan almonds!) Thanks to The Beautydojo, you can make them too and download these adorable free printable bee tags. Plus, the idea of using test tubes in crafts is brilliant and definitely has the wheels turning in my head for lots of other clever uses (jelly bean filled for upcoming Easter gifts, anyone?).

Jumbo paper flower backdrop for your DIY wedding


Creating a jumbo paper flower back drop is simple, inexpensive, and your guests will love taking photos in front of it! Watch the tutorial above by our friend Lia Griffith and purchase the paper flower template here on smooth wallpaper or gift wrap.

handkerchief wedding program from Instrucables

I adore this handkerchief wedding program by Brooklyntopia. Her DIY tutorial won the judge’s prize last summer in the Instructables Wedding Contest!

Put A Ring on it Wedding Game from Instructables

This just makes me laugh! The “Put A Ring on It Ring Toss Lawn Game” by blipvert is another winner from the Instructables wedding contest. Who needs corn hole, anyway?

Happy DIY wedding planning!