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The Danes call it "hygge." I call it "cozing in." Spoonflower crew member Jenny here to discuss how to curate your home into a warm and relaxing place for evenings of winter crafting, gathering with friends, or escaping into a good read.
Curating a relaxing "nest" is the key to getting the most out of the shorter days and colder nights. During winter, I have a tendency to "coze in" by drinking lots of tea (and hot toddies), layering blankets on couches and chairs, and getting into a nightly ritual of lighting candles. We all "coze in"–it's just a matter of how we go about it. Make these simple changes to your space when you feel like spending your next evening-in this winter! 

Lighting is key to creating that warm, relaxing atmosphere that draws people in and lets you unwind. Try lighting candles (these are my favorite) placed on tables around the room to get that gentle, flickering glow. Place small lamps in corners of your room or on side tables to add some light to read or craft to. Bright overhead lights are often too harsh, so leave those off if you're after that cozy vibe.

Grab something warming to sip on. Whether you like to curl up with hot herbal tea, drizzle honey over lemon, tea and whiskey for a hot toddy, or pour yourself a glass of red wine, that feeling of cozy contentment comes easier with a winter drink at hand. During a winter trip to New Orleans last year, my drink of choice at the time was a hot toddy. At one particular restaurant, they studded the lemon slices with cloves to keep them from floating around and the drinker from swallowing them. I also like to add ginger slices and plenty of lemon juice to balance out the honey sweetness. Time to sip away!
Most winter evenings, I like to chip away at home or craft projects while listening to the radio or story-telling podcasts. It's easy to magnify the warmth of a cozy space when you fill it with a comforting soundscape. If you enjoy listening to stories told from people all around the country, I recommend subscribing to some podcasts like The Monti or RadioLab. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, make a fire or turn on your gas logs. Listen to the crackling as you knit each row on your new sweater, or let it keep your feet warm as you sew together that new dress in time for spring. If you don't have a fire place, these Woodwick candles sound surprisingly similar to a roaring wood stove. 
More than anything, creating a cozy vibe is about surrounding yourself with things and people you love and slowing your life down. Let us know your favorite ways to "coze in" in the comments!
Happy nesting,