Snowed In with the Moneta Dress

JAN 31, 2016 updated Nov 8, 2018

Aahh Sundays. The day of rest–and for many of us at here at Spoonflower, the day for beginning new sewing projects. Today, Spoonflower staffer Theresa is here to share with you her latest obsession: the Moneta dress designed by Colette Patterns and now available on Sprout Patterns. A perfect project for knit-wary beginners, the Moneta dress is super simple to stitch up, not to mention versatile, comfortable and form-flattering on any shape. Check out how Theresa used Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower’s new Cotton Spandex Jersey to sew the dress of her dreams in one afternoon. 

Sew and design your own Moneta dress with Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns!

An important update about Sprout Patterns | Spoonflower Blog
Theresa: I’ll be totally honest with you guys, I am a pretty big sucker for instant gratification. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of respect for tedious garment sewing with millions of tucks, pleats, and darts, but that just ain’t my style, y’all. I’ve had my eye on the Moneta dress from Colette for a while now, so when Spoonflower launched new soft and stretchy Cotton Spandex Jersey and we got our first snow storm all in the same weekend, it felt like a sign from the sewing gods (eh, probably goddesses, let’s be real) that I needed to make the Moneta dress…like right now.

Sew your own Moneta dress using Cotton Spandex Jersey and Sprout Patterns!

Here’s my secret weapon, which literally saved me about a gazillion hours at least while sewing this dress: Sprout Patterns. With Sprout, I could choose any design I wanted from the Spoonflower Marketplace (or use my own designs!). Then, Sprout takes the sewing pattern and fills it in with my chosen surface design. Once the cut-and-sew style template is created using Sprout’s technology, it gets printed directly onto my chosen base fabric in exactly my size.  Once I received it, all I had to do was cut along the lines, and sew! Pardon the pun, but this is truly cutting edge. Gone are the days of cutting out delicate paper patterns or printing a million 8″ x 10″ pattern sheets, taping them together & pinning them to fabric (the worst). Are you ready for the icing on the cake? Sprout also sends the digital PDF version from the indie pattern-maker, so I can make this dress again and again (which I fully intend to do!).

Make your own Moneta dress with Sprout Patterns and Cotton Spandex Jersey!

Working with the Cotton Spandex Jersey was a dream. I needed three yards to make version 3 of the Moneta dress (Version 1 is sleeveless with a lined bodice and round collar. Version 2 has short sleeves). I went for this version because I knew that the unlined bodice would make it quicker to sew (instant gratification FTW) and the 3/4 length sleeves were suitable for chilly winter days. It printed vibrantly and the colors looked very accurate to what I saw on screen. How fun is this colorful, hands-on design from Nicolaclare?

Moneta dress with Cotton Spandex Jersey

When sewing with stretchy fabrics (known as “knits” as opposed to “wovens” which don’t stretch) you’ll need to use either a serger or a zig-zag stitch on your regular sewing machine. I used the latter and was sure to also use a ball point needle and cotton thread. You don’t have to do this, but I find that as a good rule of thumb, you always want to match the fiber content of your fabric to the fiber content of your thread for best results.

Sew and design your own Moneta dress with Cotton Spandex Jersey and Sprout Patterns!

Shortcut time: the instructions for this pattern call for a shirred skirt with clear elastic. I did not have any clear elastic on hand when making this dress, and I was not about to leave my cozy house during the icey-snowy mini blizzard of 2016! Sometimes with sewing (as with cooking, and pretty much any DIY project) you’ve got to do what you can with what you’ve got. Since I know how to gather stitches, I opted to do this instead around the waistline of the skirt and it turned out just fine! I could live in this dress! Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?  It is so comfy and easy to layer, plus the “fit-and-flare” style is super flattering on any shape. I know you’ll love this wardrobe workhorse as much as I do.

Sew your own Moneta dress with Sprout Patterns and Cotton Spandex Jersey

With over 50 patterns (including even more from Colette) from an ever-growing collective of independent pattern makers, there is something for everyone over at Sprout Patterns.  The opposite of mass-produced, big-box sewing, everything is custom-printed on demand right here in Durham, NC and Spoonflower designers receive commissions when you select their designs. Overwhelmed with the choices? Pick out a curated project, or, maybe even try your hand at textile design and upload your very own designs to use. The options are literally endless. So go play around with Sprout today, and be sure to snap photos and share your makes with us by tagging us @Spoonflower and @Spoutpatterns on your social media platforms of choice.

Happy stitching, everyone!


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  • Yes we do, Lory. Each fabric has a particular shrinkage that has been calculated by the Spoonflower R&D team. Our printing takes that into account so that once you launder your Sprout project it will be the size you ordered.

  • I got my fabric this week and I’m not very pleased with it. More colors were not very vibrant and the fabric feels brittle and coarse, not like the soft cotton spandex that I would normally order from online designers.
    Does Sprout factor in initial shrinking from these types of fabrics?