Phoebe Wahl on “While She Naps”

JAN 20, 2016

Today our #‎wcw is the talented illustrator Phoebe Wahl, whose art focuses on self love, comfort, nostalgia, and intimacy with nature and one another. She is a regular contributor to Taproot magazine, and her first children’s book, Sonya’s Chickens (Tundra) was awarded a Kirkus Star. Spoonflower sponsored her episode this week on our favorite podcast While She Naps with Abby Glassenberg. We hope you'll tune in to hear about Phoebe's fascinating life and career, and take advantage of the little surprise gift (!!) included in the podcast!

Phoebe Wahl on Spoonflower

Phoebe works in a variety of mediums, from watercolor and collage to fabric sculpture, an obsession with detail, pattern and texture present throughout. You can explore all of Phoebe's designs in her Spoonflower shop.


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