Fabric Jewelry: Five Ways

JAN 22, 2016

Making fabric jewelry is such a playful, fashion-forward way to use up all those little fabric scraps left over from a project that you might have normally thrown away or never used. Did you know that the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of textiles each year? Ack!  Lately I've been thinking about my creative goals, and wondering how I can create less textile waste by using my project scraps in clever little ways. I scoured the inter-webs for some statement making fabric jewelry DIYs and inspo, some projects taking less than a swatch. Take a look!

Fabric necklace from A Beautiful Mess

Finger Knit A Fabric Statement Necklace | A Beautiful Mess

Thief and bandit fabric jewelry

Thief & Bandit Fabric Bracelets | Available on Etsy

Damask Love fabric beaded necklace DIY

DIY Fabric & Wood Bead Necklace

DIY t-shirt flower ring

DIY t-shirt flower ring | Homemade Ginger

Fabric covered earrings Imagine Gnats

DIY fabric covered earrings | Imagine Gnats

Do you make fabric jewelry or have more tips for using up those pesky little project scraps to save them from the trash bin? Let me know in the comments!

Happy making,



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  • Elizabeth Schnelle

    Long years ago a friend and I had the same idea as you–don’t throw it away if…So we cut fabric strips in 3/4 inch segments , brushed the edges to fray, then wrapped the strips around heart forms , both solid and open hearts–gluing at the ends and also gluing broach pins on the backs to make pin jewelry to wear. Also smaller versions for earrings to match.
    Lately I’ve experimented with wire and fabric wrapping. Still working on that idea.