Things We Love

Oh, the joys of a fresh start in a shiny new year! As many of us dig into goal-setting and resolution making for our best year yet, I’m excited to share a few super helpful resources I’m loving right now to keep my motivation high and the process of self-improvement fun. Avoiding a lengthy list of rules, I’ve decided to categorize my efforts of exploration into improvements for my mind, body, and soul. Check out these resources, and please do comment to share your approach to resolutions, goals, and staying excited and present for all that’s on the horizon in 2016!


Free Adobe Photoshop tutorials to make your text shine

Becca: Over the last several years I’ve spent growing with Spoonflower, I am embarrassed to admit that my Photoshop prowess has barely escalated beyond using the “crop” tool and I still call on the many design-savvy coworkers for more significant tweaks. This year, I’m determined to learn to love Photoshop, so I’ll be digging into these free Adobe Photoshop tutorials from  Glittery text effects? Yes, please!


Cultures for Health makes it easy and fun to revamp your diet and beauty routines!

I’ve long wanted to try my hand at making some of my favorite indulgences and beauty products. And while I never thought of fermenting my own kombucha and making my own soap as related goals, Cultures for Health, a recent recommendation from a coworker, has changed all that. This amazing resource will give you everything you need to know about making healthy fermented foods (yogurt! pickles! kombucha!), and they have a robust library of awesome DIY videos and ebooks that make creating your own food and beauty products seem easy! It’s like a one-stop shop for a more natural life! 

Apartment Therapy keeps me inspired

Shelter is a basic physical need, and no matter where we’re hanging our hats, there is always room to create a functional, beautiful space. I am obsessed with Apartment Therapy for reminding me that there is always room (their Small Spaces category features 200 sq. ft. apartments for crying out loud!) to make four walls reflect your personality. As a renter, I’ve been hesitant to really nest in a space that feels temporary, but as I prepare to move into a new apartment where I’ll dwell for 2016, I’m determined to make this lovely rented space feel like my own for as long as I choose to stay.


Craft Project Planning Sheets

Making things is good for the soul. There is no substitute for that sense of accomplishment that only comes from snipping that last thread or weaving in that end. This year, I’m determined to give my creative hobbies the same attention that I do to projects at work, and this starts with being more intentional as to what I start. To ensure I have a goal and stay on track to finish what I start, I’ll be using these super handy worksheets by Anna of Crafting Fingers.  

Show gratitude for those around you

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. This mantra has been hugely helpful in keeping a healthy perspective through the ups and downs of life. This year, I intend to do more to show the people in my life how much I appreciate their presence and support. As writer William Arthur Ward “feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” This handy list of ways to show people that you care from Tiny Buddha reminds us how easy it is to show someone you care. 

I hope you’ll find some of my new favorite things helpful as you dive into 2016, and I’d love to hear what you’re using to stay inspired to make this your best year yet!

Happy New Year,