For much of the world, the New Year means coming up with a list of things we’d like to do; projects we need to finish, skills we’ve always wanted to learn, places we want to visit. But another component of the year is keeping up with the trends. Whether your resolutions have to do with reinventing yourself or bettering what’s already there, one thing is certain: you have to pay attention to the trends. If those are cries of exasperation I hear, don’t worry–paying attention to trends doesn’t necessarily mean subscribing to all of them (that would make for an alarming wardrobe!). Instead, knowing what the trends are, helps you create garments, designs, or gifts in agreement or contrast to them.

To help pin down some of the more prevalent trends for the coming year, we’ve put together Spoonflower’s own 2016 trend report (according to 2015’s New York, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks’ and compiled using designs from the Spoonflower community) to keep you stylish and informed through the rest of Winter and into Spring and Summer!

Animal Prints

Animal prints never truly fall out of style, but frequently see a resurgence. Popular in the Fall/Winter months, this year’s styles especially favor bold, classic leopard designs, as well as the lesser seen zebra prints.

2011 Snow Leopard - glimmericks(Featured design: 2011 Snow Leopardglimmericks)


Bold patterns and colorful, vibrant blooms on sheer backgrounds. The Spoonflower Marketplace has tons to choose from!

FloralDreams - Shopcabin(Featured design: Floral Dreams – Shopcabin)


Like other trends on this list, tribal prints ebb and flow in popularity. Be on the lookout for bold, busy patterns with both muted and bright colors.

  Block Print - African - green and orange - Koala Lady(Featured design: Block Print – African – green and orange – Koala Lady)


A staple of most wardrobes, patterns can make a statement in almost any situation. 2016 will feature large, checked patterns and all-over prints in houndstooth, plaid, gingham

  Pumpkin-Lemon-and-Navy-Plaid - EclecticHouse(Featured design: Pumpkin, Lemon, and Navy PlaidEclectic_House)


We love stripes. They’re simple, strong, and versatile. They’ll fit in anywhere–from baby blankets to t-shirts to pillows.

  Stripes-Horizontal - ElsieLevelsUp(Featured design: Stripes-Horizontal – ElsieLevelsUp)

If you haven’t already seen some of these patterns, colors, and prints in the wild, be on the lookout–they’re sure to pop up soon! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the fun things you all make this year using these trends. Happy 2016!