What’s New: Berlin Edition

DEC 23, 2015

Have you heard? Spoonflower will soon be shipping from Berlin! Today's post comes from marketing team member Allie as she reflects on her time spent in Berlin!

Spoonflower DE's temporary office space

After 15 hours of traveling, Sam (from our printing department) and I arrived in Berlin to be greeted by Spoonflower's director Stephanie inside Tegel airport in Berlin. With new cell phones and transit cards exchanged, we were off to find our way in the city. This was my first trip to Germany, a place I'm now thrilled to call home. 


The lovely little cafe Vabrique next door 

The past few weeks have flown by as I've continued the search for crafty folks, planned a Meetup with local Berliners and talked through ideas for getting our shipping facility up and running! 

Spoonflower's first Berlin team dinner

We even had the chance to catch up with all the new hires at the time for a traditional German meal (in a castle!). It was an international affair celebrating the start of a team with folks from the UK, Australia, Denmark and, of course, the US! 

Berlin Meetup 

Just before heading stateside for the holidays, I invited folks from the area in for a night of crafting and community. I took a few minutes to talk about Spoonflower and our plans for Germany, and then there was time for people to ask questions and share conversations about all things creative and fabric related. We had a small hand embroidery project for folks to work on throughout the night. It was really lovely to spend time crafting with local makers while chatting about all the crafty happenings around Berlin.

Spending four weeks exploring Berlin has been incredibly exciting, and I'm so excited for what's to come. Here's to a new adventure for the Spoonflower crew!


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  • Thanks Allie. I’ll order from the US and hopefully that will keep me going until you’re up and running. Can’t wait!

  • liesl@rockafrica.org

    Hi Allie, I’m super stoked to see this new developement for Spoonflower in Berlin. I’ve been following Spoonflower for a while now, with a keen interest to start up a Spoonflower here in South Africa, now I see this is an actual possibility! Would love to touch-base with you/ the most applicable person to explore this thought for the future?

  • Hi Annabel, Unfortunately we're unable to say exactly when we'll be up and printing from Berlin as we are working through the build out of our new space and installation of the equipment. We're hoping to be ready to print over the next few months.

  • Are you able to be more specific about dates? I don’t know whether to order from the US, which will cost me considerably more, or hold out for the Berlin launch

  • We're hoping to be ready to print in the next few months, so stay tuned! We'll be sure to keep the community informed. And yes, you'll be able to buy from the German factory instead of the US one. 

  • I for one am totally gutted, I sank all my savings into a textile printer and started Printing on Sept 1st 2015 – You are such a big player that you will force me out of business as a small printer I will no longer be able to compete – my worse nightmare I’m afraid

  • Hooray!! Considering the fact that I have at the moment a Spoonflower order stuck at customs, this makes me super happy!
    It means that I can actually start thinking about making and ordering my own fabric and expand my online shop.
    Thank you for the wonderful service you provide!
    Oh, and I live in Berlin… how can I know if there is another meetup comming up soon? I’d love to attend one.

  • yippee! great for everyone on this side of the ocean … it’s going be a crafty year 🙂

  • Great news, I love that My purchases will soon have a lower carbon footprint, and less shipping cost so I can maybe afford to buy my own designs more often.
    Will this change the current tax set-up that exists when we are already registered through the US site? I tried so many times to fill in th Non US resident form thing but it never let me me finish the process so I’ve been getting taxed in the US even though I’m a UK user.

  • Delighted to hear you have set up in Europe. This will make ordering from you so much easier and more affordable as I too am in the UK.
    Please keep us posted as to when we can start ordering. Happy new Year too!

  • This is such brilliant news! When will things be up and running. I’m in the UK so it costs me a fortune in shipping and tax when I order from the US. Will I be able to buy from the German operation instead?

  • Such exciting news! Please let us know if you are still hiring. As a Berlin based fabric enthusiast I would be super happy having the opportunity to work for Spoonflower!

  • Congraluation! Great to hear Spoonflower setup a office in Berlin.
    Is Spoonflower planning to setup office in Asia, Singapore.
    If So, that will be great for us doing textile design and printing.

  • I am SO excited you’re opening an office in Berlin, I just wish you would have done so two years ago when I was still living there. I would have loved to work for you 🙂
    Now I live on the other side of Germany and have my own shop where I sell quilting supplies and fabrics, amongst other things. I can’t wait to start ordering. Quick delivery, lower shipping costs and no trouble with customs fees – sounds like a dream come true!
    Good luck with setting everything up and Merry Christmas!!!
    – Jenny