12 Days of Design

You’ve uploaded your first fabric design! Now it’s time to add it to the Marketplace. Follow the simple steps below to edit your design and make it ready for the world!

A graphic of steps to edit your design, including design name, description, additional details, thumbnail, tags, colors and whether you'd like to sell or display the design.

1. One of the most important parts of your design is the name. Be sure to create a unique and fun name for your design!

2. The description should be information about your design. Here you can talk about what inspired you to create it, why you chose the color scheme you chose, or even information on how to get in touch with you if interested in changing the colors.

3. You can also add more to the description on the Additional Details section.

4. The thumbnail will be the small image that customers will be able to see initially of your design before clicking on it to be wowed by your creation. Make sure you select the best of the three images that you see there.

5. You can use tags as keywords. These will be the words that when typed in our website will bring up all relevant designs with those words included. So, if you created a design with hearts, for example, make sure you add up to 7 relevant words that will help people find your design, words like “heart,” “love,” “Valentine’s,” etc.

6. The colors are the small colored squares that you will see under your design. They will help people find your design among other designs with the same color scheme. Be sure to check what colors were selected automatically and if you feel that something should be different, edit the color blocks to update your design!

You may want to update how you’d like to sell or display your design. When you upload a design to Spoonflower, it defaults to being private—only you can see or purchase it. You have the option to make it public, meaning others can view your work, but can not purchase it. Or you can make it for sale. 

7. Make your design available for sale! After you have completed all the changes, you can order a swatch of the fabric (the cost of a swatch is only $5!). Once you receive it, you will be able to “proof” it. This means that you will have the design in hand to ensure the colors and quality are what you expected. If they are, then you can make your design available for sale on all the products you would like. If you need to do some more tweaking, you can go back to our instructions and make all the necessary changes!

With these tools, you are now able to make your design available to the world!