Did you know that we can print your artwork no only onto fabric, but also wallpaper? Well, we can! With Spoonflower, you can upload your design and make it available for one, or all of these products!

A fun feature of our site is that you can set up your preferences on scale and repeat for each type of product. We also offer 5 different types (basic, half-drop, half-brick, mirrored and centered) of repeats that let you use one simple element to create a fabulous design. Find out all about repeat options in Spoonflower here.

In this example, we created a simple geometric shape and uploaded it to our website.



This is an example of the basic repeat, which will be the default repeat on the design when you first upload it to your Spoonflower account.


The half-drop repeat will place every other column of your design repeat 50% lower.


The half-brick repeat will place every other row of your design repeat 50% to the left.


The mirror repeat will place your image facing edge to edge in a reflective way.



You are also able to size your image as well. Now, when you first upload your image to Spoonflower, the DPI {resolution} will be automatically set to 150. Check out this link where we talk about design sizes.


Depending on your design resolution, you will be able to make your image Larger or Smaller. You can click the buttons to alter the size of your image, you can also enter a specific DPI for your image if you would like. See in this image how the DPI is set to 150.


Now, see how the design can change drastically when using the “Smaller” button.


You must save the layout on each individual product before moving to the next one.  When you make all your changes for the design to be custom printed onto fabric, you will use the “Save this layout” button. Next click the Wallpaper tab and repeat these steps. Remember that the settings you choose for fabric will not automatically be transferred to wallpaper. Take your time, go through the settings of each one and save, save, save!