It’s time to kick off another week of makes! This week is all about the layette. So what’s a layette, anyway? A layette is simply a baby’s first wardrobe. It comes from the French word for little drawer. It’s all the essentials a newborn baby will need to get through her first few months including: a bodysuit, no-scratch mittens, kimono-style shirts that don’t need to be slipped over the baby’s head, socks, booties, caps, and a cute spare onesie for when all of those other things are dirty and a photo-op arises! Spoonflower crew member Theresa is here to share some of her favorite layette patterns you can chip away at all week long!   

Sewn Layette from Purl SohoSewn Layette from Purl Soho

Remember this post where I talk about getting to sew my new nephews first “coming home” outfit? Well sewing those footie leggings led me down an adorable rabbit hole of wanting to sew all the baby things! I knew what I needed was a good layette pattern so that I could make sure little Freddie would have all the basics. I mean, that is a crafty aunt’s duty, is it not? So I ordered some kid-friendly fabrics from the Marketplace including this, this and this, and downloaded the perfect layette pattern from Purl Soho. They also have a great knitted version too if that’s more your style! 

Here’s a few more of my favorite layette patterns I found while digging around online. Which one do you like best? The vintage layette pattern from the 1930s kind of makes my heart sing. While it seems like trends change every 5 minutes in the fashion world, it’s nice to know that basic baby clothing staples really haven’t changed much since the early 20th century! Although one could argue that the modern baby wears considerably less bonnets…

Knitted layetteNewborn Layette Set by LightBunnyClothing on Etsy

Lullaby Layette sewn by Probably Actually

You and Mie Lullaby LayetteLullaby Layette from Oliver + S

Vintage 1930s layette patternSweet Vintage 1930s Advance Pattern from NostalgieVintage

If you have a babe in your life or know a mommy-to-be, I hope you’ll sew along a layette with me this week! Don’t forget to share your progress by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, and using the hashtag #spoonflower.

Happy making!


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  • It has been a long long time when I last heard of a mother who sown her baby’s layette. For the past years, mothers have bee accustomed to buying baby clothes. I guess it is easier that way because most mothers are working and/or have busy schedules. But I am definitely not opposed to creating my baby’s layette in the future.