How To Make Personalized Gift Wrap

OCT 27, 2015

There are some occasions where even the perfect gift just doesn’t seem quite personal enough. With the easy-to-use, free design program, Picmonkey, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make beautiful, customized gift wrap that your loved ones will know you created just for them. Today, Spoonflower team member Theresa is here just in time for gift-giving season to show you just how easy designing your own gift wrap can be!   

Theresa: Recently my little cousin got engaged, and while I was happy to pick up a gift she needed from her wedding registry, it just didn’t feel quite personalized enough for something as special as my baby cousin’s wedding! So I took to one of my favorite open-source design tools, Picmonkey, and designed the perfect gift paper using her engagement photos and the theme of their fall wedding for inspiration.

Picmonkey is integrated with the Spoonflower website, so, to get started, just log into your Spoonflower account. Go to “Design” > “Upload.” Don’t worry about the fact that we’re not actually creating fabric, that won’t matter in the end. Scroll down to “Other Design Options.” Choose the canvas size you’d like from any of the three options displayed (swatch, fat quarter or linen fat quarter). I chose “fat quarter” which will give me a canvas size of 21″ x 18″ to create my design.

In Picmonkey, you have the option to use your own photos in the design. Simply click on the butterfly icon on the left-hand menu, then select “Your Own” at the top. Navigate to the photos you want to use on your computer, then adjust the sizing in Picmonkey.

Now, you can start to embellish your design with text, stamps and labels. Picmonkey has tons of fun clip-art to choose from and it’s all organized for you by category in the menu on the left. Just play around with the options and decide what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to adjust the size, color, opacity, placement, and even the blending mode of every element. Don’t like it? Just select the element and hit “delete” on your keyboard.

Finish off your custom design with text to really give it that personalized feel. The wedding date and husband + wife signature gave the sentimental touch to my wedding gift wrap design! I used my cousin’s wedding colors for all of the leaves and other design elements. Make sure you’re completely happy with your design and then click “save.” Note that you won’t be able to go back in and make changes to the design once you save it (one limitation of the software), so this is the first and final draft! Once you hit “save”, you will be routed back to your Spoonflower design library automatically.

Once you’re back on the Spoonflower design page, you will see that the new design has been added to your studio with your username + letterquilt for the title. You can change the title to anything you like. Select the “gift wrap” tab at the top of the page next to the preview. Select the layout you want, and even make it smaller if you want by clicking the “smaller” button. You won’t be able to enlarge your design at this stage. Read this article to learn more about why that is.

Carefully check over the preview to make sure you’re happy with the way everything looks, as there is no option to order a swatch on gift wrap. Select the amount of rolls you want, then add to your cart and check out. Waiting for it to arrive is always the hardest part…

Hooray! Your beautiful custom gift wrap has arrived in the mail! Want to know the correct technique to perfectly wrap a gift? Check out this video from expert, award winning rapper Lia Griffith:

My cousin was so thrilled when she received her custom wrapped gift! She even saved the paper to put in a special wedding keepsake shadow box. With a little extra planning and effort, what normally gets thrown in the waste-basket now becomes a wonderful wedding memory!

Happy gifting!


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