5 Projects to Leaf You Feeling Inspired!

OCT 30, 2015 updated Jun 14, 2021

Leaves! Crunching under our shoes, floating above our heads on a morning walk, littering our yards and leaving ghosted stamps on the sidewalk. There’s no denying that lovely leaves are piling up all around us right now! Here at Spoonflower HQ, it seems like every time we open the office door, a pile of leaves blows right in with us. Why not embrace it and let this abundant resource become inspiration for your next project? Spoonflower crew member Theresa is stopping by the blog today to bring you five beautiful craft projects featuring leaves. Let’s jump in!

Theresa: Okay, are you guys ready for a serious throwback? This was the very first design tutorial uploaded to the Spoonflower Youtube channel 5 years ago! Which kind of feels like showing someone your high school diary, by the way. Created by co-founder Stephen Fraser, he shows us how you don’t need fancy design software to create a surface design. All you need to do is venture outside, forage something from nature that inspires you (in our example, it’s a fall leaf!), scan it into a computer, and boom–you have a repeating fabric design once you upload to Spoonflower.

When your design is done, it might look a little something like this design from Weavingmajor! 

DIY Fall Leaves Garland | Julep Blog

Autumn Leaf Backdrop | A Joyful Riot 

Leafy Paper Lantern | Historias De Casa

Paper Leaf Wreath | Lia Griffith

Do you have a favorite leafy craft you like to do every year? If so, please share in the comments! Happy Halloween weekend everyone, stay safe and spooky!


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