Spoonflower Holiday Ordering Deadlines, 2015

OCT 7, 2015 updated Jun 3, 2021

Holidays 2015


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We can’t believe it’s already time to start whipping up holiday gifts for friends and family. If you’re like us, we tend to wait ’til the last minute, but don’t wait too long and miss our ordering deadlines! Take a peek at the 2015 ordering deadlines for Christmas and Hanukkah below.

Christmas Ordering Deadlines

To receive your custom gift wrap, fabric, or wallpaper prior to December 24th, 2015, please place your order no later than the deadlines listed below. Please note that, in all cases, large orders may have longer lead times. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Holiday ordering deadlines

Hanukkah Ordering Deadlines

To receive gift wrap, fabric or wallpaper prior to December 14th (the last night of Hanukkah this year), please place your order no later than:

Holiday ordering deadlines
Spoonflower Welcome Pack + Handbook Ordering Deadlines

If you run out of time to order custom fabric or other materials for holiday gifts, we also offer gift certificatesWelcome Packs and The Spoonflower Handbook that don’t require much lead time. To receive Welcome Packs prior to the holidays, please place orders by:

Welcome Pack Ordering Deadlines

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