No other holiday let's our creativity shine quite like Halloween. It's a chance to pick an alter-ego (or make one up!) and craft your heart out expressing your vision. We know you're already thinking about this year's costume, but if you're one of those "oh I'll just throw on a mask and not fuss about it" types, that doesn't mean you still can't blow everyone away! We've wrangled our top 5 DIY Halloween masks for you to make this month. All treats, no tricks–we promise. 

Quintessential Creative Crusader KitQuintessential Creative Crusader Kit | SammyK on Spoonflower

DIY Grumpy cat maskDIY Grumpy Cat Mask | Right Where I Left Off

No Sew Felt Dragon MaskNo Sew Dragon Mask & Cape | Lia Griffith | Lia Griffith 

DIY Owl MaskOwl Mask | Martha Stewart 

Funny Black Cat Mask Funny Black Cat Mask | Bora on Spoonflower

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