Spoonflower Bootcamp: Navigating Your Spoonflower Studio

SEP 28, 2015 updated Apr 27, 2021

Spoonflower BootcampToday we say "see ya later" to our weekly Bootcamp posts with one last tip–how to navigate your Spoonflower Studio. When you sign in to your Spoonflower account, or head to Spoonflower.com while still signed into your account you land on your Studio. There's lots of information shared on this page and this post is to help you understand what it all means, and how you can update this page to show only what you want to see! 

Spoonflower Studio

Above is my Studio with every option showing. Here's a break down of what's visible. 

  1. Account Details: Here you can update your shop information, like profile picture, first and last name, shop name, etc. Simply click your photo to update your shop data.  You also see a quick overview of details about your account, like your Spoondollars balance and new messages. All of the text in yellow is clickable to learn more about those items. 
  2. Design Library: Here you can see a little update on your Design Library and can easily click through to see your entire Design Library.
  3. Order History: This box gives you an update on your most recent orders and the option to click to see your full order history or more details about an individual order. 
  4. Designers you might like: Based on the designers you follow, this box shows designers with similar aesthetics. 
  5. News: The news section shows an overview of what's happening on the site. The dropdown menu allows you to choose what you want to see. Just Spoonflower, for example, shows recent blog posts and site announcements. 
  6. Design Analytics: The Design Analytics section shows what's happening with your designs. You can see which designs have the most favorites or recent sales. The three bar icon in the top right-hand corner enables you to save a copy or print!
  7. Spoonflower's Instagram Feed: Stay up to date on what's happening in the world of Spoonflower by taking a peek at our Instagram feed. Here we share behind the scenes shoots of the office, project inspiration and beautiful fabrics! 
  8. Contest Voting: Take a few minutes to vote in our current content via the Contest Voting block. Tell us who you think should be in the Top 10!
  9. Recommended for you: This box shows new designs that you might be interested in based on your preferences. 
  10. New Designers: Check out designers new to Spoonflower in the New Designers box. 
  11. Messages: See any new messages to your Spoonflower account in the Messages section. You can click Messages to see all your new notes or click on a specific one. 
  12. Wild Card: Last, this box changes each time you come to this page. It may recommend new designs or designers, or new uploads of a designer you already follow! 

To update your Studio click Manage Studio Preference at the top right of your studio page (just under your photo). 

Studio Preferences update

On this page you have the option to customize what is shown on your Studio page. You can update which widgets show and what the widget shows. You can also play around with what type of content is displayed in various widgets and where the content is pulled from. Take a few minutes to play around with your Studio page to get it set up for what works best for you! And check back periodically as this is a great place to stay up to date on Spoonflower happenings! 

And in case you missed any of our previous Bootcamp posts, here's a round up of all the design resources we've shared over the last few months. We hope you enjoy and please, share your thoughts, ideas and questions you'd like answers in the comments below for future Bootcamp posts!

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