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There are hundreds of thousands of amazing designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace, so it’s easy to spend hours scanning through pages of beautiful artwork! If you’re looking for something specific though, narrowing down your options can make it much easier to find exactly what you need.

There are a few things that make searching our site even easier including: using descriptive phrases, selecting a search category, using filters, and getting creative with your search terms.

Use Descriptive Phrases

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for you may want to start out searching for a single color or design element. For example, here are the results for the word ‘yellow’:

Search Results for ‘Yellow:’

Some search results for the term "yellow," including a solid yellow design, black lightning bolts on a yellow background, yellow squiggly lines on white, and black-and-white pandas on a yellow background and more.

Search Results for ‘Deer:’

Some search results for the term "deer," including large white stag heads on a dark blue background, small gray stag heads on a white background, pink stag heads surrounded by pink and cream flowers, rows white deer on a dark red background and more.

If you have a very specific design in mind, you’ll want to use as many descriptive search terms as you can think of. For example, the search term ‘arrows’ will yield very different results than ‘black and white arrow drawing’. You can see how different the results are below.

Search Results for ‘Arrows:’

Some search results for the term "arrow," including columns of white arrows on a gray background, white arrows going in all directions on a pink background, pink arrows going from the top right to the bottom left on a mint green background and more.

Search Results for ‘Black and White Arrow Drawing:’

Some search results for 'black and white arrow drawing,' which feature mostly black arrows drawn on a white background.

Select a Search Category

A screenshot of the Spoonflower main page and the drop down menu, which features options like fabric, gift wrap, wallpaper, designers and collections.

Another great search feature is the search categories menu. These categories help narrow down your search, allowing you to weed out things you aren’t looking for. To use this feature, click the small arrow beside the search bar, select the appropriate category, then enter a search term.

The categories include:

  • Fabric–designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace that are available on fabric.
  • Wallpaper–designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace that are available on wallpaper.
  • Gift wrap–designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace that are available on gift wrap.
  • Designers–designers (by screen name or real name).
  • Collections–collections of designs in a designers shop.

Use Filters

A look at the search filters available on the site, which allow to pick from 'availability' and 'design' and sort by options like 'trending.'

Once you enter a search term into the search bar and click “GO” you will be directed to a new page with search filters. In the example below you can see all of the search filters that appear after you complete a search.

The search filters include:

  • Fabric–allows you to see designs available on fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap.
  • Browse–allows you to browse by popular tags, trending designs, best selling designs, top contest designs, and daily favorites.
  • Colors–allows you to search by color.
  • Availability–allows you to search for designs that are for sale or not for sale.
  • Filters–allows you to search within designs you have favorited or designers you are connected to (a.k.a. designers you follow).
  • View–allows you to see either the design image, a picture of the fabric, or a project made with the fabric.
  • Sort by–allows you to sort the search results by bestselling, trending, or most recently uploaded designs.

Get Creative with Your Search Terms

Search Results for ‘Antique Flowers:’

Some search results for ‘antique flowers,' which include lots of decorative scroll-like pastel flowers outlined in a darker color

If you try searching for a specific design, but don’t find what you’re looking for, try some other related words to vary your search results.  For example, when the phrase ‘antique flowers’ didn’t show the kind of flower I was looking for, I tried getting a little more creative with my wording and searched for ‘antique red poppies’.

Search Results for ‘Antique Red Poppies:’

Some search results for ‘antique red poppies' shows designs that are more targeted, to many designs of red poppies on various color backgrounds, some green, some black, some red

Additional Helpful Search Tips

  • To match an exact phrase, use quotes to define what you are looking for, i.e. ‘blue china.’ This is a great way to find an exact design for which you already know the name or title.
  • If you would prefer to just look at designs that are a match for both ‘blue’ and ‘china’ (not one or the other), you can type it as follows in the search bar: ‘blue and china’ or ‘+blue +china.’
  • If you are searching for ‘old brick wall,’ the first results returned will be a match for all three words ‘old,’ ‘brick,’ and ‘wall.’ As your scroll down the returned search results, you will begin to see designs that are a match for just two of the words, perhaps ‘brick’ and ‘wall’ and eventually, designs that might be a match for just one of the words.

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