Spoonflower Bootcamp

Did you create your Spoonflower account a few years ago and now would like to update your account settings with a new name, email address or username?

Drop and give me twenty! Twenty seconds of your attention, that is! Follow Spoonflower help team member, Meredith, as she gets your Spoonflower muscles warmed up in today’s edition of Spoonflower Bootcamp: Updating your Spoonflower Account information.

Select account

Once logged in to your Spoonflower account, hover over the My Studio tab and select Account in the drop-down menu.

Change email address
Click the Settings tab to adjust your general account information like name, password, email address, or username. Click the Update button for each change to ensure the changes stick!

Adjust email settings

Click the Email Settings tab to adjust your email settings including your weekly newsletter subscription and marketplace notifications. Click the Save button to ensure the changes stick!