Buy This, Make That: Shark Week!

JUL 10, 2015

It's that time of year again when we tune into Discovery Channel and nerd out on our favorite deep sea (and river!) predator. Here in our home state of North Carolina we've already had about twice the shark attacks we normally get in a season, but that doesn't stop us from loving and revering these majestic creatures. We just think maybe we're safer sewing sharks rather than swimming with them. We've rounded up our top 5 shark themed goodies to buy and to make! Cue the "Jaws" theme song…

Buy this: Beware of the Shark skirt | Nerdalert Creations on Etsy

Make this: shark pencil pouch | Patchwork Posse

Buy This: Shark Teeth Aqua | Nadia Hassan

Make This: adorable children's shark costume | Make It Love It 

Buy this: Shark Cat Ball the Famous Cat Bed for Shark Week | The Cat Ball on Etsy

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  • Thanks for posting our shark Cat Ball® cat bed to your shark collection! We have used Spoonflower prints several times to make custom cat bed projects for clients.