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JUL 28, 2015


We're back this week with another design rockstar interview as part of our SpoonChallenge: Creating a Fabric Collection with designer Bonnie Christine. We recently fell in love all over again with printmaker, designer, author and educator, Lizzy House, when she co-instructed the Creativebug Fabric Design Series. We were so excited to get to sit down and chat with her about design, inspiration, and what really makes a collection work.  Lizzy's seven lines of fabric, series of quilt patterns, and her book How to Enter the World of Textile Design make her more than qualified to teach us a thing or two! 

Pearl bracelet collection by Lizzy HousePearl Bracelet fabric collection. Photo by Cath Hall

What do you find inspiring?

Why did you fall in love with design?
It's just something that has always been important to me. From the time I was a little kid I recognized it. It was important in our home, and I was always aspiring to design everything around me. I'm still trying to design everything around me.
Castle Peeps quilt designed by Lizzy HouseCastle Peeps Quilt designed and quilted by Lizzy House
When did you know you wanted to pursue design as a career?
When I was 6!
What song best describes your creative process?
Vince Guaraldi, Samba De Orpheus.
Meadow Quilt designed by Lizzy House
Meadow Quilt completed by a student during a Lizzy House quilting workshop. Designed by Lizzy House
Do you have collections or designs that you like better?
I have a really tender place in my heart for "Hello Pilgrim", but I'm very excited about my newest collection, "The Lovely Hunt." But there isn't really a collection that I'm like… 'oh I wish it had been stronger.' I see everything as a space in time, and I'm always trying to move up the mountain.
What’s in your toolbox?
Blush; Corner turner; Seam ripper; Bic mechanical pencils, Micron Pigma pens, usually a 1, 2, and a 5; Moleskine cahier; Mettler neon thread; Lavender essential oil; Doterra Past Tense; A twin needle; My passport. I can do just about anything with these things.
Lizzy House printmaking
 Lizzy House printmaking. Photography by Lizzy House
How have your experiences shaped your aesthetic/process/look?
While I have a very specific style, my travels have really influenced my subject matter and helped me to cultivate my aesthetic.
What influences your work and why?
I've been meditating a lot, and it's really been opening me up to these really fantastic ideas! I'm excited that when my tour is done that I'll get to just work on new work.
Meadow quilt top
 Maisy resting on a Lizzy House Meadow quilt top  
What's your favorite color?
stationery and fabric by Lizzy House
 Recipe Cards and Pearl Bracelet fabric designed by Lizzy House. Photographed by Lizzy House
Where have you felt the most inspired?
On a tiny island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm.
If you were a piece of furniture what would you be?
I'm a sweet bench you'd put in a cozy private reading corner or a tree covered spot in a garden. That's me.
whale hand printing by Lizzy HouseWhale action book hand printed by Lizzy House
What protagonist of a novel would you be?
I'm Sara from the Little Princess. (But I wasn't always).
If you could live in a painting, what painting would it be?
One of Eric Ravillious's greenhouse paintings. They feel like what I'd like my life to look like, and that pace at which I'd like to live.
Vivaldi quilt designed and quilted by Lizzy House
 Vivaldi quilt designed and quilted by Lizzy House; Photographed by Lizzy House
If you could only wear one fabric, what would be on it?
What do you think makes a cohesive collection? 
I really feel like for me having a really clear direction, not necessarily from the beginning, but at some point really hitting on the thread that connects the pieces, and being willing to allow that to change as the work progresses.
coordinating Lizzy Dish designs by Lizzy HouseCoordinating designs in the Kitchenairre collection designed for Andover
If you could only create art with one tool, what would it be?
What is the one place in the world that you would like to visit?  
I'd really like to go to Bali. But this year I'm visiting so many exciting places. I'd love to fit Japan in next year. And all the Scandinavian countries. I've only hit Denmark so far.
rainbow fabric stack
 Building a rainbow with stacks of Lizzy House fabrics
What’s the secret to a strong collection?
Intention, and freaking hard work.
Amen, Lizzy!

About Our Guest Author


My name is Elizabeth House. If you met me from 1985-1999 you call me Elizabeth. If you knew me from 2000-2004 you call me Bee. If we met from 2005-2012 you know me as Lizzy. I am a grower of things. I am a printmaker, a gardner, a traveler, an illustrator, a sew-er, a perfectionist, and an absolute mess. I am a storyteller. A truth teller and seeker. A vegetarian. I am solar powered and I live for the summer. My favorite books to read are cookbooks and spy thrillers involving the KGB. I wear a uniform dictated by the season. I am a teacher. I am a performer and introvert. A gemini. I'm 60% Danish. I love critically analyzing films, and pulling apart book designs. 



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