There are clothing and accessories for dogs and cats that are helpful and fun, and there are those that are likely to just embarrass your dog friend. We’ve compiled five sew projects that we think have utility and merit to them, in addition to being unbelievably cute. Summer is a great time of year to hang out next to the air conditioner and get started on those winter holiday gifts for friends and pet companions alike!

Dachshund hoodie

 Hound Dog Hoodie DIY | Urban Threads

bowtie dashshund

Dog Bowtie tutorial | Ammo the Dachshund

Plaid dog coat

Dog Coat tutorial | Sew Doggy Style

DIY dog booties

 Sew Your Own Dog Boots | Domestik Goddess

Booties are good for protecting from hot summer pavement or cold winter ice and salt. Plus, here’s a helpful tip for “boot training” your dog!


DIY Dog Bandana | A Pair of Pears