Vote in our 5th Staff Challenge!!

JUN 19, 2015 updated May 28, 2016

Staff Challenge Voting

The stakes are high, time was short, and the competition is fierce. The time has come for voting in Spoonflower's annual Staff Challenge! Once a year, the tables are turned and Spoonies show their design prowess to the world in a special staff-only edition of our Weekly Design Challenge. Needless to say Around the Spoonflower HQ, we've been doing our finger push-ups and running seamless repeat drills in preparation for this year's challenge, perhaps our toughest yet––to create, upload, and enter a design into a contest in just 30 minutes! 

The winner of this year's challenge not only gets the glory of being voted to the top by our amazing Spoonflower community, but they'll also be sitting pretty in a custom chair from Select Furniture featuring their winning fabric design!

Using just pen and paper and the good ol' crop tool and Spoonflower's Color Changer, these designs are sure to delight and inspire!

What can you create with a pen, paper and 30 minutes?


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