How Well Do You Know Spoonflower?

JUN 6, 2015 updated Apr 26, 2021

So you think you know Spoonflower, huh? Well we put together this hodge-podge of fun facts and trivia that might just surprise you! For example, did you know that Spoonflower prints more than 740,000 yards in one year? Take a look!


Spoonflower Trivia!

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  • If I make a design on fabric that I really like and I want to make it public, if Jill Jones likes it and wants to buy some of it, do I get a commission for my design or how does that work? I do have A Spoonflower account but have not had the opportunity to use it yet, but now ate watching about 10 different videos, I’m very excited to try it and see what happens and how it goes…love the concept…thanks!!????