Announcing the Top 10 Designs in This Year’s Staff Challenge!

JUN 25, 2015 updated Apr 26, 2021

Staf Challenge Winner!

So much excitement has been in the air at Spoonflower HQ this past week! Folks have flocked from their desks, the print room, and the operations floor for a chance to be sitting pretty on a big, comfy chair upholstered with their winning design! The voters have spoken – check out the top ten Staff Challenge designs and give a big high five to Eloisa Docton (Better known as natitys) for her winning design, Whimsy Floral Dots! It's amazing what you can do with a pen, paper and just 30 minutes!

1. 676 votes for Whimsy floral dots by eloisadocton 
2. 535 votes for stork scissors by ashley_mason 
3. 518 votes for Silly Raccoons by joshmckelvey 
4. 510 votes for Scan_4 by kelly_m_ 
5. 427 votes for clouds-cute-faces by j_schnaak 
6. 420 votes for Hannah_Koontz-ch by hkoontz 
7. 417 votes for Love Arrows by brainsarepretty 
8. 382 votes for Yummy_Treats by atate 
9. 363 votes for Marker Swirls by kellyw 
10. 331 votes for Scan_10-ch by jennifer_spanos 

11. 326 votes for Tea Time! by g_johnson 
12. 287 votes for UrbanGarden by kellymarieba 
13. 284 votes for Clover Patch – Janet Talus by janetm 
14. 283 votes for Sashiko Dots by nicole_k 
15. 257 votes for Allison_-_owl_line_up by allisonpolish 
16. 247 votes for SpoonDoodles by holiday 
17. 244 votes for Willow by scobb 
18. 231 votes for Scan_9 by kristyfrey 
19. 211 votes for Leaf Parade by tarareed 
20. 208 votes for green_snow by toddgroff 
21. 205 votes for Jamie by jamiepowell 
22. 170 votes for Yummy_Treats_1-ch by christen_haden 
23. 163 votes for MagicSnowflake by katie_allen 
24. 162 votes for Swirly Flowers by stephanie_symonds 
25. 161 votes for Scan_6 by elizabeth_wilson 
26. 152 votes for Chad_-_berries by chad 
27. 141 votes for Let's Bake A Cake! by trizzuto 
28. 134 votes for stephen-ch by stephen_of_spoonflower 
29. 129 votes for Starburst by amcnamara 
30. 119 votes for Sheep by kkresica 
31. 98 votes for Staff Challenge Entry by manjula 
32. 97 votes for topography maybe by juliepitts 
33. 91 votes for Dear Dreamy by lindyd 
34. 90 votes for Ditsy flower by sharon_l 
35. 62 votes for Karma by lstilphen 
36. 59 votes for Doodle Dayz by meregold10 
37. 58 votes for Marin by marin_holmes 
38. 51 votes for Dandillion Dreams by megan_healey 
39. 49 votes for Hearts and Dots by kbutler 
40. 49 votes for Let's take a dip by lgalarza 
41. 45 votes for RBMiracle by brandon_miracle 
42. 41 votes for Perspective is Everything by crystalfree 
43. 36 votes for A time of anarchy by gart 
44. 30 votes for Manofpeace by aaustin 
45. 27 votes for Scan by anitha_k 
46. 17 votes for lauren_s_design by lauren_powell 

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