Spoonflower Bootcamp

Hello again Bootcampers! We’re now into week 4 of our Spoonflower Basics Bootcamp and I’m sure your Spoonflower muscles are growing! Today Spoonflower crew member Meredith is here to show you how to download the Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) file and import it to Photoshop. This file can also imported into Adobe Illustrator as well. This file is a great resource for making your colors as accurate as possible, and is designed to work alongside the Spoonflower Color Map!

Spoonflower Homepage

To locate the ASE file, visit the Spoonflower homepage  and select the help icon in the top left corner.

Help Page

Once on the help page, scroll down to the Creating section and expand the article selection by choosing See all 11 Articles.

More About Color

When viewing the full Creating section, select the last option – Can you tell me even more about color?

Download Your ASE file (1)From the help page about Color, scroll to the section labeled Spoonflower Color Map and download the ASE File to add the file to your computer.

View Swatches

Once you’ve downloaded your ASE file, open Photoshop and locate your standard swatch palette. If your swatches aren’t already visible, you can find them by going to the Windows drop down menu and selecting Swatches.

Load swatches

To add the downloaded ASE swatches, select the drop-down tool on your Swatches window and choose the Load Swatches option.

Select the color map

With your files open, search for the ASE file. If you have trouble locating it, you can enter Spoonflower Color Map in the search bar to easily locate the file.  Once you have the file, double click on the file name to add the new swatches.

ASE Swatches

Now that you’ve downloaded the ASE swatches, you’re ready to start designing!

**Working with Adobe Illustrator? Take a look at this post for help adding Spoonflower ASE file to Illustrator.