Announcing the Top 10 Mermaid Fabrics!

MAY 28, 2015

Mermaids Design Challenge winner!

In this week's very special Design Challenge, we partnered with CWDkids to highlight the majestic and mysterious undersea beings from oceans near and far. Don't miss the top ten mermaid designs (and the limited edition fat quarter bundle!), and please give a huge shout-out to first-time Design Challenge winner Nikki Upsher for her winning design! Nikki has the amazing opportunity to work with CWDkids on a line of children's PJs! Check out all the beautiful mermaid designs on our Facebook page in our Mermaids Design Challenge photo album!

1. Final_Mermaid_Pattern_larger by nikki_upsher 
2. mermaid by ebygomm 
3. Happy as a clam by mhdesign 
4. Mermaid Lullaby (Candy) by nouveau_bohemian 
5. Captain Jack and the Mermaids by theboutiquestudio 
6. mermaids & cats by kostolom3000 
7. my little golden fishes by penguinhouse 
8. Mermaids by Friztin by friztin 
9. United Colors of Mermaids by cassiopee 
10. Mermaids by bluecoin 

11. Neiko_Mermaid by neiko 
12. Miss Mermaid's Bedtime by susan_polston 
13. Mermaid Garden Meetup by christinewitte 
14. mermaid by gaiamarfurt 
15. Swimming Mermaids by kika_esteves 
16. Mermaid Sisters – Purple by cecilia_mok 
17. Mermaid_Frolic_Pattern by joanne_wanat 
18. seababies by pixieland 
19. mermaids by laura_the_drawer 
20. MuffinGrayson_mermaidia_fabric-01 by muffin_grayson 
21. feeding the fish by karinka 
22. mermaids by shindigdesignstudio 
23. Lillyskites Mermaids by lillyskite 
24. Mermaids by alannahbrid 
25. Mermaids by petite_circus 
26. mermaid dream by gracedesign 
27. Scuba Blue Dreamers by katyluxionart 
28. sleeping mermaid by sanneteloo 
29. calypso tail by vandenburg 
30. Mermaid pattern by prettygrafik 
31. UNDER THE SEA by katerhees 
32. blue mermaids by gnoppoletta 
33. PJ Mermaid & theBlowfishes by boomexd 
34. Ride a Mint Whale! by orangefancy 
35. Mermaids by candytree 
36. Blue mermaids by hannafate 
37. Seafarers by skbird 
38. MerryMermaids by monalila 
39. Mermaids by faye_guanipa 
40. Merry Mermaids by andibird 
41. Mermaid Secrets Fish Whispers by kellyprimitives 
42. Little Mermaids by auntie_mouse 
43. Under the Sea by badpenny 
44. Petite Sweet Mermaids by cynthiafrenette 
45. Mermaid Friends by lisakubenez 
46. Playful Mermaids with Fish & Coral by luv2silkpaint 
47. Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes by gemmacosgrove-ball 
48. Mermaids by kociara 
49. mermaid sea by cjldesigns 
50. Mermaid Pearls by bermudezbahama 
51. Come along and swim the ocean blue by vo_aka_virginiao 
52. Mermaids in purple by heleen_vd_thillart 
53. Merbunnies by sarah_lynne_reul 
54. Topsy turvy swimmy swervie by mimihammill 
55. Under Sea Friends by canterlanedesign 
56. Mermaids by devondesignco 
57. Mermaids by agakobylinska 
58. UnderTheSea by awkatmac 
59. Mini Mermaids and Friends by amy_g 
60. Blue Mermaids by hjanie 
61. Bubbly Mermaids by katherinelenius 
62. sleepy_little_mermaids by genmarch 
63. Mermaid Small by newspaper_balloon 
64. Serene Sirens by jenimp 
65. aloha mermaid by alohababy 
66. Mermaid Sea Garden by mag-o 
67. Mermaid Naps by samantha_maclean 
68. Merry Mermaids by cerigwen 
69. Make sure you wear your sun block! by moirarae 
70. Mermaid's Play by juliesfabrics 
71. Sweet Mermaids by amy_reber 
72. swimming_with_the_jellies by citrusandmint 
73. Ocean Night Sky by mariaspeyer 
74. Playful Mermaids by larreayoung 
75. Lovely Mermaids by vannina 
76. mermaids by wideeyed 
77. Blue mermaids by analinea 
78. Merry_Mermaids by wendytaveira 
79. 021 mermaid by orange_octopus 
80. Mermaids and Friends by clayvision 
81. Mermaid for a Day! by sarahcatherinedesignsinc 
82. Meandering Mermaids by brendazapotosky 
83. mermaidpjs by taliafrancis 
84. Happy Mermaids by sistersurfer 
85. blue mermaids by hannahmol 
86. Mermaid Sleepover by stitchyrichie 
87. sirens of the sea by annaboo 
88. aqua_scales by fenicia 
89. the daughter's Poseidon by fanny-bonenfant 
90. Mermaids_Under the surface by tracymattocks 
91. Mermaids by beebumble 
92. Creamsicle Mermaid by graceful 
93. Mermaid Print by stephanieannedesign 
94. Friends Under the Sea – Large by pigandpumpkin 
95. Mermaid-half-drop by julistyle 
96. Little mermaids. by elmiral 
97. mermaids just wanna have fun by mezzo 
98. mermaid by iminkpressed 
99. Mermaids of the Sea by joannepaynterdesign 
100. Mermaid Ocean Play by ktalent 
101. Mermaid Crossing by alkhemyprintpattern 
102. Mermaid's best friend by hakuai 
103. Mermaids & Friends by robyriker 
104. mermaids_playing-03 by larisavh 
105. under-the-sea1 by elodie-lauret 
106. Splish Splash Mermaids by sarah_price 
107. Under the Mermaid Sea by irishvikingdesigns 
108. Aquamarine Mermaids by bonaireimages 
109. Float On by runningriverdesign 
110. Starry dreams by joojoostrees 
111. mermaid_princess by hwdesigns 
112. MerMaidens by jambochameleon 
113. mermaidparty by kammart 
114. Delphy the Disco Mermaid by fourcheekymonkeys 
115. Sea Sparkle by sammyk 
116. In The Swim of Things by edsel2084 
117. Mermaid School Recess! by hootenannit 
118. MERMAIDS A Deep Sea Party by mimipinto 
119. Betta Fighters by ravenous 
120. MERMAID_Aloha Floral by rosemary_alvares 
121. Little Mermaids by woodmouse&bobbit 
122. mermaids_and_fishes_contest by erika_ees 
123. Mermaids and bubbles by rachelknowles 
124. Ocean Floor Slumber Party by supercoop 
125. mermaids by mavilou 
126. Mermaid by k-j 
127. Whimsical Ocean by emilycromwell 
128. Mermaid bedtime by rachelmacdonald 
129. mermaids by flyingtreestudios 
130. Mermaid Magic by casey_wesley 
131. Mermaid Aqua Sparkles sea Paris Bebe Fabrics by parisbebe_com 
132. sleeping mermaid by haka-design 
133. Mermaid Circle by amyelyse 
134. mermaid by louiseerskinedesigns 
135. mermaid_4 by pazkid 
136. Mermaids! by reneeciufo 
137. Mermaids and fish by allknitlong 
138. image by daniell526 
139. Mermaids Sleep Perchance to Dream by mangoseed 
140. Mermaids by heleenvanbuul 
141. DEEP SEA FRIENDS by bluevelvet 
142. mermaids by heidiryancreative 
143. mermaids in the sea by jennifer_todd 
144. UnderSea by cbronsky 
145. mermaid_fabric by kristin_t 
146. mermaids by eldraghillo 
147. Finny Funny Mermaids by chlobell 
148. Mermaids and Angelfish by janelle_wooten 
149. JoyfulRose Mermaids by joyfulrose 
150. Deep Sea Dreams by aezarien 
151. mermaid_under_the_sea by jenniferdenty 
152. mermaids-gray by studiohesed 
153. Mermaid in the fish shop by abstracthands 
154. tiling_MermaidLake_1 by dstimpson 
155. Mermaid Girls by tiffanyw07 
156. Mermaids_Swim by tinastextiles 
157. mermaid by wa 
158. Mermaids by hazel_fisher_creations 
159. mermaids by bruttia_crispina 
160. lilymermaids by fabricadascoisas 
161. mermaids_bright_colors by glindabunny 
162. Oceania by zoyakraus 
163. Luna by c_manning 
164. My Sweet Boho Mermaid by twiga_pattern_bazaar 
165. Dancing mermaids by axelle_design 
166. Mermaids by jill_o_connor 
167. A Mermaid Teaparty by octolops 
168. Mermaids wide awake by overbye 
169. Mermaids Dance The Night Away by mariafaithgarcia 
170. Mermaids Decorating the Sea Bed by jpweaver 
171. Lake Lily Garden by jennafreimuth 
172. Mermaid Dreams by danielle_bettina 
173. Mermaids by studiokex 
174. Pretty Mermaids & Friends by kathyjurek 
175. Mermaids in green & blue by našpati 
176. mermaid patterns by fiona_sinclair_design 
177. deep sea delight by betsysiber 
178. Mermaids by chickadeedeedee 
179. mermaid by suzanne_dye 
180. Mermaid Fun by dodied 
181. Mer Kids Dolphin Fun 2 by spicetree 
182. two_little_mermaids by bluegreenplanet 
183. Playful mermaids by fossan 
184. mermaid friends by oliveandruby 
185. singing you to sleep in the depths by sef 
186. Mermaids – Multicolor / Rainbow – Seamless Allover by lierre 
187. MERMAIDS PLAY by ingk 
188. Mermaid Sleepover by mahoneybee 
189. Mermaids by sugardream 
190. Mermaid Sisters by karismithdesigns 
191. Bubbly Mermaids by claudiarose 
192. mermaid & sea friends by fable_design 
193. splish splash by lbishop 
194. Hello Mermaid by chris_jorge 
195. mermaids by minimiel 
196. sirena by pinilofranela 
197. Sleeping Under the Sea by bishopart 
198. Mermaid Under the Sea Pattern by alexazurcher 
199. shh she's sleeping! by miamea 
200. Fish Tails and Mermaid Scales by aleera 
201. November_2009__021 by tea_time_consultants 
202. Mermaids and Sea Friends by pixabo 
203. Mermaids by melhales 
204. Illustrated Little Mermaid Birthday Party by Jillian Jenkins by jumpjack 
205. Mermaid_Shells by debanie 
206. MerToons by janekenstein 
207. Otter Lullaby by greenedevine 
208. Mermaids by michalwright-ward 
209. Merveille_mermaid by la_fabriken 
210. Rx For Pain Relief by camomoto 
211. Playful Mermaids by cathy_ann 
212. Mermaids by sandeehjorth 
213. Tiny_Mermaids by rsclark 
214. To the Sea Bed by seesawboomerang 
215. Mermaids and seahorses by rhubarbdesign 
216. Voluptuous Mermaids by kate_bobis_ 
217. Fun Mermaids by chloe_maddison 
218. mermaids by annets 
219. mermaid_band by roxiespeople 
220. Mermaid_Comp by tldesigns 
221. One_Ocean_One_Planet by tweaky 
222. Mermaids Frolic by kiwicuties 
223. Crab_and_the_seahorse_B-02 by mobijo 
224. Mermaid Pajama Party on Mint by pinkyw 
225. Mermaid pattern by tamarahoutveen 
226. arial_sf_com by viprint_vibes 
227. Mermaid-FatQuater_ImFeelinCrafty2 by imfeelincrafty 
228. Brave Mermaid by tiffanyheiger 
229. Mermaid by sammy_lou 
230. mermaid by maggiesommers 
231. merma
id sisters by nalo_hopkinson
232. mermaid_2_original_repeat_pink_2 by meeranarula 
233. Mermaid friends by ruth_robson 
234. Vintage Mermaid Love Novelty Fabric by cantobellus 
235. mermaids by kewee 
236. sirenas2-01 by carmenlafarga 
237. mermaids by lisanish 
238. swimming mermaids by saundra's_studio 
239. Under the Sea by jayhutch 
240. mermaids play with bubbler by alessandra-spada 
241. Mermaid Playground by vinpauld 
242. spoonflower_mermaids_pattern by mollymum 
243. Mermaid Reef Country Life Reds by bloomingwyldeiris 
244. Mermaids by vcocose 
245. sea life by egoldy 
246. Mermaids and Friends by lyndammetcalf_ 
247. PolkaMermaidsAndDots by mrben 
248. MermaidContest by debbiesdesigns 
249. Three Mermaids by kathrinlegg 
250. bubblesscalesfins1 by et_al 
251. mermaid by colleen_currans_bush 
252. Delightful Dreams of Mermaids by owlandchickadee 
253. Mermaid's_Bedtime by sushmitha 
254. child mermaid and friends by mama-in-a-shoe 
255. mermaid_cartoon5 by apoorva 
256. Good night princess by sofia_moore 
257. sirenas by oletuarte 
258. mermaid by gullekorv 
259. Debajo del mar by ninuk 
260. Dancing With Star Fish by mrshervi 
261. Mermaid Paradise by linwood 
262. Dreamtime Mermaids by maile 
263. Little merry mermaids by mimi_dissenys 
264. Counting SheepShells by abearcub 
265. Sea Sisters! by mrs_buns 
266. Dreamy_Mermaids-01 by carolinaabarca 
267. Sister fish by summer_joy's_ink_tank 
268. Mermaids Sea Star Gazing day by colour_angel 
269. The mermaid and I by myriam_keaton 
270. Naiads by catherine_digman 
271. nixen by const_artist 
272. Emma and Luvi mermaids by zoolue 
273. MERMAID_FUN by tbeagen 
274. A boy and a mermaid by fabuluus 
275. seaside_mermaids_print by katesbeads 
276. Mermaid by bruxamagica 
277. Lovely Mermaids by meliszawang 
278. MERMAIDREAM by elenaceccotti 
279. MERMAIDS-HIDE-AND-SEEK-BIG-PEARL-spoonflower-contest-May-19_2015-copy by lunabelle 
280. Playing with the wind enchanted by the moon! by rits 
281. my_inner_mermaid by dempsey 
282. Mermaids-5 by kura_carpenter 
283. Lilacas urchin by emmasattic 
284. I Dream of Mermaids by octojoy 
285. Modern Mermaids (large) by bee3 
286. SOO_BLOO_MERMAIDS-ALL-01 by soobloo 
287. Mermaid – Splish Spash by peek_a_boo_kisses 
288. mermaids_and fishes under the sea by pip_pottage 
289. mermaid pijamas' party by micha_extraordinaria 
290. mermaids_design by sgkeats 
291. Mermaid Pinky Pink by jdollar 
292. sing_like_a_mermaid by epiphaneia 
293. A mermaid by twiggyfr3ak 
294. Mermaids by willowbird_studio 
295. Mermaid and Fish by menny 
296. Playful Mermaids by warmupsunshine 
297. mermaids in the blue by lindseyclare 
298. Mermaidspink3 by the_cat's_pajamas 
299. mermaid-01 by deheusk 
300. Mermaid – Sirena-ed by lamasmadre 
301. mermaid_image_on_fiber by fantastic_foray 
302. Fair Mermaiden by estherrowan 
303. Robot Mermaids by mongiesama 
304. mermaid by ariellelouise 
305. mermaids by weejock 
306. M&M by creative_cat 
307. Mermaids in the Foam by ruthjohanna 
308. Mermaids Swimming by madex 
309. mermaid kisses by gray___ 
310. Mermaid Outing by urbanfaery 
311. Mermaids by svaeth 
312. Mermaid Dreams by trailhouse_studio 
313. Mermaids by twizzkid 
314. Mermaid & Friends Nap Time by athomewitharwen 
315. mermaids by meelieyo 
316. Mermaid_Reflections by gracey207 
317. Mermaids Crossing by cheekimo 
318. The Mythical Mermaid Sisters by flisty 
319. mermaids by graciasbear 
320. Wittle Mermaids by olyphaunt_ears 
321. Life Under the Sea by majoranthegeek 
322. mermaids__by_marilyn___may_14_2015 by mailyn 
323. Mermaid_Fun-01 by solvejg 
324. Mermaid Scales by islands 
325. Fancy_Hat_Mermaids by handmade3d 
326. Dancing_with_the_Waves by chovy 
327. mermaids & friends by dianejwilson 
328. Mermaids by charlottemahy 
329. mermaid by jeanbernard 
330. fabric_mermaid_layered_with_octo_and_seah_alt_tail_color_mom_shell_tweak_copy by glasprism 
331. Mermaids by wilkesgal12 
332. Meirmaid-arrow "This way!" by miamaria 
333. Mermaid Friends by cruzangirl 
334. image by janehoggard 
335. MERMAID_IN_PAJAMAS2 by mainsail_studio 
336. Mermaid's Magical Ocean World by diannemehta 
337. mermaid_under the sea by alandco 
338. Sisters and Friends Forever by karapeters 
339. 3Mermaids by tinarhea 
340. mermaid2_spoonflowerjpg_50pc_dli_5_6_2015 by compugraphd 
341. Sweet Dreams Large by inniv8z_oz 
342. Mermaids by amanda_jane_textiles 
343. Sunny-8×10 by jdenton2 
344. Mermaids in a sea of bubbles by squeakyangel 
345. Bubble Buddies by ideaworks 
346. ethel ethel mermaid by rose 
347. Army Mermaid by mute_ 
348. CUTE FISH by checcola 
349. Undersea Mermaids by theeyeballlady 
350. Mermaid Tale by sharongayhart 
351. Fun in the Sea by neesierie 
352. mermaid_scales by jordanne92 
353. Sleepy mermaids by cateyjoy 
354. Swimming with Dolphins5 by b2b 
355. Mermaids Posing With Seahorse BFFs by treemcdermott 
356. Mermaid_Fat_Quarter_Flattened by xcentricities 
357. Merfriends by pamelachi 
358. Mermaids and Starfish by hvotoole 
359. seahorse riding mermaid by rosangelicaaa 
360. Mermaid and Jellies by mimmily 
361. Mermaids sleep too by luvsick_designs 
362. MermaidBG by katfujihara 
363. MermaidTickleStarfishColor by natashagrace 
364. abjad_and_mermaid1 by mijo_izah 
365. mermaid-tile4 by gabs1809 

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  • Hi there! Thank you so much for your feedback about the standing of all contest entrants! We have updated the post to reflect how everyone ranked in this contest.
    We updated the way we share winners in partner contests when our partner chooses the winner with our Southwest Baby Bedding contest, and it was an oversight on our part not to include the rank of entrants beyond the top ten. We are updating that post with the rest of the standing, as well.
    We so appreciate your feedback on this, and thank you so much for being part of the Spoonflower community!

  • The policy for this contest would suggest that CWDkids wants the option to contact a designer who did not place in the top ten. The description for this contest said that CWDkids may choose a design from the top ten. I noticed because this happened in another competition I was involved in (not Spoonflower).
    I think CWDkids doesn’t want to be tied down to what the Spoonflower community thinks are the best designs. I guess it’s understandable, but it does feel a bit like they are fishing (bad pun) for ideas to imitate. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

  • Not sharing the vote counts for the rest of the artists is absurd and has not been your policy previously. As others have stated, it makes this fun challenge speck work, which is abhorant to most designers. Please reconsider this descision. Very glad I sat this one out.

  • Even for Spoonflower’s biggest partner contest – with Robert Kaufman, the placement and vote tally list of all entries was posted. It makes no sense not to publish this one – or any of them. Please reconsider your new policy.

  • I agree. I can say for my own experience in industry, that if you send a design for wet print, is obligatory to follow the rules regarding max 8 colors, and to fit for what the client (CWD kids) asked for, I think at least the top 10 designs should be selected folllowing the market rules, if they really intent to produce this winner print. If they said the motifs should not be bigger or smaller than that sizes, there is a reason for that (too small lines or thin details doesn´t work well while processing the wet print/cilinders, etc.). So, I don´t think if someone else agree also, but a contest for a client should never have votes for general public; and just be voted by those who are willing to buy or license the print and understand the do´s and dont´s at the factory to produce the fabric.

  • This is good to hear as I am new to this and did try to follow these guidelines feeling it was required, It seemed to clearly state this I thought, No misconceptions

  • Very sad to think that Spoonflower doesn’t care about their artists. Your new ‘policy’ not to publish the remaining contestants makes this contest look even more like a call for spec work. It’s also not very trust inducing: was the contest rigged?
    Are there any other new policies we should be know about before continuing to sell and enter contests on Spoonflower?

  • Oh, I think I understand what you are saying, that the top vote getter is not necessarily the winner in a partner contest because they pick from the top 10. Perhaps you can just list the contest entry counts for the 11+ spots and not the individual totals for the top 10. As others have said, knowing how I did is really important to me. It helps me measure my improvement (or not) in learning and presenting my designs. I’m often near the bottom of the list, but it still really provides good information to know how many votes my design received.

  • But this is bizarre! You’d rather reply to 100s of individual emails than simply list all the data you normally list? One of the real points of difference between Spoonflower contests and many other design competitions is that you’re normally 100% straightforward and transparent; and I’m afraid that by suddenly implementing this policy, which seems totally random, it can’t help but appear that there’s something you guys don’t want to share. If that were the case then it’s really too bad. (And as an aside, the motif size/8 colour thing TOTALLY came across as rigid guidelines! But, hey, i can handle that!) Thanks for taking the time to consider this feedback, and please bear in mind that it’s only because we hold you guys in such high regard, this secrecy is kind of disappointing.

  • Must be a new policy, since there has always been a ranking with the other partner challenges. That is too bad…

  • Hi Kate! We hear you, and really appreciate all of the time our community spends to submit beautiful work into the contests. Please feel welcome to email our Help team at to request your standing in the contest. We are happy to give out this information regarding those not in the top ten, just on an individual basis. Thanks!

  • Hi Laura and Ruth! Thank you both so much for your question. The Style Guide was provided as a set of guidelines to help folks understand what CWDkids considers a successful print for their pajamas. This was not intended as a set of hard and fast rules, but we wanted to clarify what our partners were seeking and would ultimately need from the winner. We apologize for the misconception and will be sure to state more clearly that this is the intention of the style guide in future contests.

  • I totally understand not sharing the # of votes, but knowing how my design placed is really good feedback. It’s a huge bummer to spend all that time, and then not know how we did.
    All the #s after the top 10 were listed for the Carousel Designs partner contest. Also those for the Fabric8 contest last year. I can’t find a contest where they have not been shared.

  • I am wondering why there were style guidelines for motif size and number of colors to be used, but then that didn’t seem to matter at all for which designs placed? They are all beautiful designs, but it seems unfair to those who followed the guidelines.

  • Hi Mimi,
    For partner contests where the partner, in this case CWDkids, selects the winner from the popularly voted top 10 we do not share the vote tallies.