You Grow, Girl! Gardening DIYs to inspire your green thumb

APR 13, 2015

We’re all currently driving bright yellow cars here at Spoonflower–thank you very much, pollen! With the onset of warmer weather, birds chirping and bees buzzing, gardening is definitely on our minds. We even planted a little community garden in front of our HQ over the weekend!  We thought gardening might be on your minds, too, so we found 5 great gardening DIYs to help you spruce up the green spaces in your life.

Pretty Face Seedling Starters | Francois et Moi

DIY Upcycled Garden PlanterClaireabellemakes

Stitch up a DIY garden kneeling pad using Herb Garden fabric by Laura Mayes

DIY Half Glazed Pots | Almost Makes Perfect

DIY Hanging Planter | A Beautiful Mess

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  • I have been searching the web, with no luck 🙁 I am currently growing stargazer lilies. This will be my first time, so I know there will be hiccups. To my surprise they sprouted up just fine. (OH! I should mention, were in California, and get some high heat :/) I returned home from work the other day and noticed these brown spots on my lily pods and leaves. Almost like burnt spots. I immediately moved it into the house next to a large window for some sun, but not to much. This problem persisted and pods started falling off… HELP!! Can my lilies be saved?