Announcing the Southwest Baby Bedding Top 10!

APR 2, 2015


It's easy to relax into the soft pastels of a sunset in the Southwest when there are adorable coyotes, rabbits, and cacti all around! Check out the top 10 winners of our Southwest Baby Bedding Contest with Carousel Designs, and give a big congratulations to Grace Felizardo of Gracedesigns on her winning design "Sweet Dreams", handpicked by Carousel Designs for their baby bedding collection!

1.  sweet dreams by gracedesign 

2.  armadillo_fabriken by la_fabriken 

3.  Mojave Desert: Dusk & Dawn by christinewitte 

4.  Under the Southern Stars by cynthiafrenette 

5.  Southwest Country by cjldesigns 

6.  FoxAndRabbitChase by beebottomdesigns 

7.  Southwestern baby bedding by petite_circus 

8.  Southwestern babies by heleenvanbuul 

9.  Coyote and Friends by supercoop

10. Canyon critters by missy_warp

11. Mountain Wigwam (Boy) by katerhees 
12. Lets be Adventurers by theboutiquestudio 
13. Indiana cat adventure by sindychang 
14. All Signs Point Southwest by katherinelenius 
15. southwestern by laura_the_drawer 
16. Que Sera Sera by graceful 
17. southwestern critters by bubbledog 
18. Painted Feathers by minimiel 
19. Southwest Teepees by fox&hill 
20. Sleep_Time by annewaters 
21. SW Cacti by Friztin by friztin 
22. wild life by jodysart 
23. southwest_sweetie_repeat by mfiorellini 
24. Southwestern Teepee Babies by katuno 
25. armadillo bison cardinal by karinka 
26. SWNurseryDesign_Larger by ktalent 
27. Southwest desert by heleen_vd_thillart 
28. Southwestern Bedding by angel_mio 
29. southwestern gems-dusty mint by ottomanbrim 
30. tickle_tassels by loopy_canadian 
31. Southwest Dreams by clayvision 
32. pueblo by rose'n'thorn 
33. Southwest Baby by carolinaguerrero 
34. teepee and feather trees by maeli 
35. Southwest Summer by oliveandruby 
36. coral_arrows150 by bluegreenplanet 
37. Sonoran Sunrise by nouveau_bohemian 
38. buffalo and friends by sugar_shack_ 
39. Baby Armadillo Dreams by van_winkle 
40. Desert Lullaby – Crooning Cacti by pinkyw 
41. Goodnight, Blue Corn Babies by mariaspeyer 
42. BabyGeko-01 by seattlesells 
43. Mod Cacti by aron 
44. You Are My Sunshine…24 by cinthr 
45. Southwest baby – beaded by designed_by_debby 
46. Southwest Bison Sunset by juniperr 
47. SOUTHWESTERN_BABY by yazooky 
48. Southwestern Village by sandrabowers 
49. Desert Dream by mainsail_studio 
50. Sweet Dreams by k80horn 
51. Southwest Nursery by mrshervi 
52. Southwest Desert by maile 
53. desert animals by nyma83 
54. Sweet Desert Dreams by lisakubenez 
55. Sornoran roadrunners by vo_aka_virginiao 
56. DIAMANTE by scrummy 
57. SoutwestBabyBeddingDesign by artzeechris 
58. Southwestern sunset by rachelmacdonald 
59. CarouselBabyBedding2-02 by delighthues 
60. Cactus Cuteness by jenimp 
61. Southwest Baby by khubbs 
62. Apache Papoose by orangefancy 
63. Wildhorses in the land of turquoise by grasmere 
64. Southwest Cheater Quilt by bags29 
65. Southwest Flora and Fauna by asami_bunny 
66. Arrow Rondo by kellysurace 
67. Spoonflower_Southwest_JQ-01 by jannekeq 
68. Southwestern Baby by faye_guanipa 
69. IMG_2131-ed by fantastic_foray 
70. Southwest Baby Bedding by sierra_gallagher 
71. Southwest locals by ebygomm 
72. Cactus and Wrens by owlandchickadee 
73. SouthWestern Lullaby by magentarosedesigns 
74. SudOvest by zabrattastudio 
75. Southwest 'The Bringer of Dreams' Nursery Bedding by heckadoodledo 
76. Dear Baby by myelliejane 
77. Southwest Animals by trisha_galyen 
78. Bed SoftWest by juliesfabrics 
79. Southwest Baby by stephaniecake 
80. Southwest Baby Modern Geo by jenniferfranklin 
81. Southwest Feathers and Arrows by hazel_fisher_creations 
82. LITTLE ARROWS by bluevelvet 
83. wigwam_for_spoonflower by helen1805 
84. Southwest Ponies by sandeehjorth 
85. Painted Desert by kateriley 
86. Sweet Southwest IKat by dianne_annelli 
87. sacred feathers by jennifer_todd 
88. Minty Gold by kimsa 
89. Pretty_Adventurous by bowties 
90. Southwest Armadillo by mariafaithgarcia 
91. Southwest_baby by mia_valdez 
92. Southwest Baby Bedding by surface_nest 
93. Southwestex by cassiopee 
94. Gold Feathers & Arrows by pixabo 
95. Sehoy by belinda_sigs 
96. The Desert Friends by fossan 
97. Southwest Cactus Garden_TileStripes_Lg by robinpickens 
98. Sunset Rain by alessandra-spada 
99. southwest_mosaic_print by dgrrrr 
100. The Lands Southwest by cecilia_mok 
101. Sweetly Soutwest by mcqueenie 
102. Sweet Dreams Catcher by sarahcatherinedesignsinc 
103. Southwest Baby by spicetree 
104. southwest_graphic__Baby by chawandesign 
105. Sonoran Living by tiffanyhoward 
106. abstraction by kiyanochka 
107. Southwestern Geometric by rebeccatiana 
108. Southwestern Swaddle – High Noon by makegoodchoices 
109. Southwest adventure by tatamarino 
110. Les Fleurs by susan_polston 
111. Enchanted Arrow by mag-o 
113. Southwest Fiesta by dunia_nalu 
114. southwest carousel by beesocks 
115. Southwest_Baby by julie_reed_design 
116. Southwestern by glizadesign 
117. Potted Baby Cactus by raccoongirl 
118. dancing cactus by haka-design 
119. Kokopelli Nursery by dinorahdesign 
120. Southwest Baby by mhdesign 
121. buffalo_2 by xiva 
122. Kokopelli song by un_temps_de_coton 
123. southwestern_chevron by lisalanedesigns 
124. Chick and Hawk by chris_jorge 
125. Southwest Village by gartmanstudio 
126. Baby West Star by spellstone 
127. Feather Weather Coral by dashandash 
128. Woolblanket by sofia_moore 
129. southwest_sugar by palmrowprints 
130. Southwest Slumber Songs by thecameronquinn 
131. feathersandarrows-01 by alter_gamma 
132. Southwest baby blanket by gabriellemutel 
133. Happy Jackalopes by rubydoor 
134. Blanket stripe by jillbyers 
135. Feathers and Cacti by studiokex 
136. Vida Galisteo by ellejane 
137. Southwest Teepees Baby Bedding by cheekimo 
138. sw-baby-lgdotspink by pjbecker 
139. Southwest Animals by michellez 
140. Geometric Cacti by brendazapotosky 
141. Southwest_Baby_Star by saucy_otter 
142. southwest_baby by christineelliottdesigns 
143. Dream to Ride by motyka 
144. full_moon_wolf_and_rabbit by mlyon 
145. Southwest Tribal Baby by digidivagraphics 
146. Armadillo Cactus Maze by sufficiency 
147. Southwest_Angles by islandmama10 
148. Tipi by axelle_design 
149. Southwest little bear by nordencreativdesign 
150. Modern Southwestern Baby by elizabethvictoriadesigns 
151. SOUTHWESTERN INSPIRED by becker231 
152. Geometric Howl by strangecharmdesign 
153. Turqoise Dream by loeff 
154. koekoek_of_a_feather by owlsquirrel&twobirds 
155. Don't Harm-adillo by lilredbug 
#0160;soles by oletuarte 
157. desert dreams by betsysiber 
158. NAVAJO BABY by deeniespoonflower 
159. Southwest Succulents by irishvikingdesigns 
160. Tipi_Dreams by dirtymonsoon 
161. Cactus 1 by taraput 
162. What the Bison Heard_reverse_aqua by colour_angel 
163. BabyFeather by cbronsky 
164. baby_bedding by danelia 
165. Desert lizard by chesapeaketess 
166. Southwest Baby Animals by bloomingwyldeiris 
167. Southwest Morning by aalk 
168. Desert Dreams by mei-moi 
169. Southwest Aztec Print by stephanieannedesign 
170. Aztec Sunset by mrs_buns 
171. Southwest Dreams Baby by laurijon 
172. Southwest_Babies-ed by tinarhea 
173. Southwest Inspiration by plaidypus 
174. 019 southwest sunrise by orange_octopus 
175. Coral, Mint and Navy Ikat Chevron by sparrowsong 
176. Southwest Baby by katiame 
177. southwesternnursery1 by roseandlula 
178. Mystic Memories by demouse 
179. Southwesty by hannahmol 
180. Native American Feather by sophiedesign 
181. Southwest Sunshine by holly_helgeson 
182. SWbabies by cathy_ann 
183. Southwest Baby by weejock 
184. Pastel feathers by dariara 
185. Eye of God – mint by analinea 
186. Colors of the Southwest by joojoostrees 
187. Southwest Desert Rose by radianthomestudio 
188. Southwestern Trees by scarletcrane 
189. going southwest with you – elvelyckan by elvelyckan 
190. sweet acacia dreams by lbishop 
191. small fry starbursts in yellow by libby_the_sharp 
192. Cute Owls Line Up Large Scale by nat_williamson 
193. Southwest_Baby1-01 by apple-betty 
194. Sleepy Teepee by hellomylove 
195. Sand Quilt – Tiny by wiccked 
196. Mod_SW-01 by amelle 
197. Southwest Star Quilt by paula's_designs 
198. Southwestern Owls in Warm Tones by pinkowlet 
199. Coyote Duet by kiddoodleart 
200. SW baby bedding by candoart 
201. Southwest_Ponies by wenmarstar 
202. south_west_in_colour by jacper71 
203. Baby bedding – southwest quilt by cleverviolet 
204. Southwestern_Sun_for_Carousel by wese 
205. Kawaii Sunflower Stripe (Cream) by marcelinesmith 
206. Buffalo Feathers by mulberry_tree 
207. Agate by jessalinbeutler 
208. Where the Buffalo Roam Contest Scale by evenspor 
209. spoonflower-Southwest-entry by chrisanderson5 
210. Desert Spots by threemoonsstudio 
211. teepee and arrows – green by milkoko 
212. Southwest Baby by bibliosophy 
213. West by Southwest, mint by Su_G by su_g 
214. Wild Horses by wilkesgal12 
215. Southwest Baby Tan and Mint by myshilohness 
216. Southwest canyon walls by sarah_lynne_reul 
217. navajo baby by fable_design 
218. Kokopelli, Hummingbird Variation by sabre&pen 
219. Bright Southwest with Gray by freshpressedprints 
220. Southwest Sunset Parade by jsaalsaa 
221. Coyote Weave by handy_designs 
222. SouthwestPrint-ed-ed by laura_j32 
223. Roadrunner on the Sand by heartfullofbirds 
224. Bold Southwest Vertically Puzzling Paths by inscribed_here 
225. Bird_Origami by joearie 
226. Southwestern American Bison Paper Cut by pond_ripple 
227. Sout
hwestern Peach by gypsymothdesign
228. Classic Southwest Nursery Bedding by googoodoll 
229. Southwest of Denver by lana_gordon_rast_ 
230. Southwest Baby by nikky 
231. Southwest Baby Wolves by vannina 
232. Sleep Shine by drankeosudin 
233. Candy Colored Deserts by whitneyangel 
234. diaper triangles – bold by sef 
235. Jenny Rose and the Prickly Pear Patch by indiequilter 
236. Southwest Baby by alkaemycc 
237. Southwest Dreams by willowbird_studio 
238. Desert Stripes No. 3 by the_british_eccentric_studio 
239. Golden Sunrise by wildnotions 
240. The Sun Sets in the Southwest by creativefiasco 
241. Natural_Wonders_Modérne by ri_torres_renelus 
242. Teepee 1: large, multi-color by lifebymom 
243. Southwest_Baby_Howl by loweee 
244. baby blanket pattern by kimmurton 
245. Rock-a-Bye_Ranch by kirene 
246. southwestern nursery by dunnspunn 
247. geometry by kociara 
248. Little Doggie Desert Stripe by robyriker 
249. Charlotte by may_leong 
250. Coyote Songs and Bunny Dreams – Southwestern Baby Print by athomewitharwen 
251. Wild Southwest by kateowl 
252. southwest_scene by relk 
253. painted baby lizards by photogarden 
254. Fruit Bats and Gum leaves by oceania88 
255. Cool_New_Mexico_Adobe by aygeartist 
256. Children Spirit by gabmana 
257. treasures1 by b__woolf 
258. southwest baby bedding by eldraghillo 
259. Aunty Bella's Southwest Cactus Flower Stripe – Orange by rhondadesigns 
260. southwest_baby bedding by boomexd 
261. southwestern_bedding-01 by twinklesprinkleshop 
262. Aztecish by hobgoblin 
263. Cactuses Have Hearts Too by laurascariano 
264. ARIZONA-ch by taylor72413 
265. Horses_and_Stars by k_p_design 
266. Southwest_diamond3 by missnancyc 
267. image-ch by ejssews 
268. SW modern sleeping owls by keweenawchris 
269. Baby Cacti by twosquirrelsgallery 
270. Southwest Baby! Rainbow Blanket Stripe by elramsay 
271. Coyote cuddly by hellodahlia 
272. Sundancers by stradling_designs 
273. Quill Columns by nliff 
274. Southwest Baby Gecko by modernfox 
275. turtles by my_m_co 
276. MexiMutts and Donkeys by martimu 
277. Kokopelli by implexity 
278. Lets Tessellate Blue by missekate 
279. babyanimals by bruxamagica 
280. Southwestern_Nursery by wittythings 
281. Southwest-Celestial by scrappycat 
282. Kawaii Kachina by mini_mori 
283. native southwest baby by pattyryboltdesigns 
284. bouncing_baby_buffalo by roxiespeople 
285. sugar deer by meohmy 
286. large tribal diamonds in green tea by weavingmajor 
287. southwestern-tiles-1100 by timely-o 
288. Desert Baby by kellyreeves 
289. Southwest (Lilac, gray, yellow) by karapeters 
290. Southwest-patchwork-square-final by julistyle 
291. Southwestern Stripe by seesawboomerang 
292. Bali Gardens in Multi by drapestudio 
293. babybird by gretchendiehl 
294. Doodle me this Batman by whimzwhirled 
295. Southwestern Icons by gargoylesentry 
296. MMM Red Patter by margueritemariemedia 
297. southwest by linsart 
298. bhg_southwest by elarnia 
299. Southwestern Garden – Blue by aezarien 
300. southwest gray & turquoise by kokadoodle3 
301. final_23_mars__150 by annecotedesign 
302. Indian Plaid by agakobylinska 
303. southwesty_blue by moonbeam 
304. Sprouts for your little sprout by mongiesama 
305. bambine by rose 
306. hummingbird by j9design 
307. Southwestern Nursery by sara_polish 
308. Painted Ponies: Southwest Baby Bedding by krussimages 
309. Southwest Baby Bedding by bherm 
310. southwestern_baby by wishes1 
311. ikat in southwest desert by erinanne 
312. Ronnie_Aztec_Kitty_colored by little_ella_lu 
313. Red Mountains by artist55 
314. southwest_nursery by woodsworks 
315. Feather Fall by firedryad1 
316. Cheery Southwest Design by emmie_norfolk 
317. swdreams by katawampus 
318. Northern Lights by gloryb 
319. It's the Southwest, Baby! by anniedeb 
320. Southwest Baby Sweet Sleep by ciboulette 
321. Southwest_love_quilt by danielle_sadie 
322. Abstract dreams – small version by ladykerry 
323. Southwest_Scene_C6 by khowardquilts 
324. kasa_bambeja3 by mayadesign 
325. camping by the_magic_elephant_company 
326. Southwest_Collection by rusty_nail_design 
327. Southwestern Turquoise by eto 
328. pastel patterns by jessie_growden 
329. SouthwestBaby4 by melhales 
330. bealosada by beatriz_losada_tizon 
331. ragged_glory by vesna_mance 
332. Baby Southwest [4] by kcs 
333. My heart is strong… by moirarae 
334. SWBabyBedding-01 by katyluxionart 
335. Southwestern by the_frogging_fox 
336. Southwest feel design by zuzana_kokkinou 
337. ocean5 by miamaria 
338. Southwest by svaeth 
339. Sonoran Lullaby by jjtrends 
340. southwestern-lullaby-muffingrayson-01 by muffin_grayson 
341. Southwest Baby by abstractionsbyronda 
342. Kitty Row by paperon 
343. Southwestern Pink Pride by satansmom 
344. southwest_print by angela_christine 
345. blues&greens by obi&minnie 
346. Southwest Baby by brandymiller 
347. Southwest Spin by fern_hilyard 
348. Echo Canyon Diamonds by fireflower 
349. Geometric Art by veeaholic 
350. Southwest_Baby_Polkadot by ames3 
351. babybedding_edited-1 by acrawley 
352. Star Gazing by moonpiegirl 
353. Southwest Kids' Joy by sillasart 
354. Southwest Baby by jennistry 
355. SWbebe by carriemcg 
356. Heart of the Southwest by hootenannit 
357. image by daniell526 
358. Sweet_Dreams by apples&pears 
359. Southwest Tender Hearts Delight by dovetail_designs 
360. Be Brave Little One by cherise_bloodworth 
361. Southwest Baby by love_life 
362. Southwest theme children's fabric by ncxadair 
363. Cowgirl red by pamelachi 
364. Southwest_Baby by koko_kreepies 
365. Mint&Coral by bows'n'arrows 
366. southwestern by golden_sparrow 
367. You are the sunshine by smalldots 
368. Let it ride_lp by luzpaucar 
369. southwestbabybright by amyjeanne_wpg 
370. Southwestern Baby by jayhutch 
371. indiani by rits 
372. DesertRose by silverslippers4 
373. Southwestern Riders – Baby Bedding by lisakling 
374. U_R_Deer_To_Me by doug_miller 
375. Southwest Beauties by catalina_villegas 
376. Symbols of the Southwest- Chambray Blue by kissingfrogs 
377. Sweet_Dreamcatchers by topmosttower 
378. mesa by lillypocion 
379. Arizona Weave by twix 
380. sw zagdot 8 cactus sky by glimmericks 
381. Cactus on Blue by darcycorcoran 
382. hearts and arrows by laurenvalerie 
383. Baby from the southwest by inniv8z_oz 
384. image by jeanninebee 
385. Walking_in_the_rain_yx by ruthjohanna 
386. skull & cactus by skellychic 
387. Southwestern Inspired Stripes by mgdoodlestudio 
389. girl bronco coverlet print by carolynseclectics 
390. ice_blue by mimix 
391. South_Western5 by b2b 
392. Pastel dreams by phatcatpatch 
393. Navajo Suspenders by loriwierdesigns 
394. Flowers & Arrows! – Summer's Call – © PinkSodaPop by pinksodapop 
395. Van Gogh's Sunflowers // Southwestern Floral by bohobear 
396. sw_mod_baby by dempsey 
397. Out West by sharongayhart 
398. MJIllustrates-SouthwestBabyCarousel by mjillustrates 
399. Kaleidoscope by pinksalamander 
400. 3daisies by anino 
401. south_west_baby-ch by katesbeads 
402. southwest_by_hesed by studiohesed 
403. On a clear day, you can see forever 2 by jennck 
404. Floral_pattern_4pdf by phantasyphotos 
405. Southwestern Bed by magnificentmtextiles 
406. Coyote Plateau by abdev 
407. southwesttribal by daraodesigns 
408. Prancing Ponies of The SouthWest [H] by phosfene 
409. image by menagerie_art 
410. yellow/orange rosepath by rosefiber 
411. Puppy_Dog_Tails by papermoon 
412. Western9 by golden_bloxxer 
413. moroccan_tile by craftwithcartwright 
414. fabric_8b by gvs 
415. southwest flora & fauna by yaney 
416. Southwest Clouds by menny 
417. babybison by carrotyopp 
418. Henrietta by vrdg 
419. southern alligators by micha_extraordinaria 
420. NorthxSouthWestF by chlobottt 
421. sedonna_d by eddiecarrion 
422. storks by the_quirky_bird 
423. Cactus Flowers by arpentnoir 
424. South Western Baby Names by peek_a_boo_kisses 
425. WampumDiamonds_PegLynch-01 by peglynch 
426. Southwestern Style by jubilli 
427. Southwest_baby_papoose by amanda_jane_textiles 
428. Blanket Map by scifiwritir 
429. yellow_and_blue_bloat by jebeslemon 



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