Designing for Childrenswear

At CWDkids, we pride ourselves on dressing kids like kids! For us, that means bright and happy colors, playful and imaginative prints, and styles that kids just can’t wait to put on. Our best-selling prints are unique, on-trend and timeless.

CWDKids Contest

We are seeking a new print to add to our best-selling girls’ sleepwear collection for Spring 2016. In line with the current trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2016, we are drawing inspiration from the ocean deep to add the mythical, yet fantastical mermaid!

The winning design in our very special Mermaids Design Challenge will be considered for the Spring/Summer 2016 line of two of our most popular pajama sets: the Girls Ruffle Edge Pajamas and the Girls Short PJ Set.

To aid in your creative journey, we’ve put together a set of design guidelines to give you an idea of what makes a successful print for children’s pajamas. Read on for more specifics and examples!

CWDkids' girls pajamasCWDkids’ best-selling girls PJs

CWDkids PJs to match your doll!CWDkids’ Ruffle Edge Pajamas


  • Feature clear and easy to identify elements within pattern

  • Elements should be medium to large scale

    • For us, large elements measure up to 3.5” and the smallest elements measure no less than 0.75” when partnered with larger scale elements

Flowers to scaleThe flowers on this pajama print are 2.75″ to 3.5″ in scale.

Flower PJsThis scale delights with a bold, bright, and recognizable flower print.

Horse print to scaleThe horses on this pajama print are 2.75″ to 3″ in size, while the background pattern features circles roughly .75″ in scale.

CWDkids horse pjs

All the pretty horses are vibrant and visible in these pajamas with a matching set for your doll!


Traditionally, we feature colors like pink, purple, and aqua in cheery, youthful tones. Our designs include no more than 8 colors. If your design wins, we will require Pantone numbers used in your design.

File Format

If you win our Mermaids Design Challenge, we will need your artwork to be submitted as a vector file. It is also possible that we will need to make small changes to artwork or scale of the design. We will accept any vector files.