Sweet Valentine’s Day DIYs

FEB 2, 2015 updated May 20, 2021

UPDATED: 1/30/2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you looking for DIYs to whip up for friends and family? Take a look at a few lovely DIYs that are inspiring us to add a little handmade goodness to this sweet holiday.

Personalized Valentine Pillows for under $10

Get cozy with loved ones and a sweet one-hour quilt!

Quilting skills a little more advanced? learn to make this XO quilt by Canoe Ridge Creations.

PRINT THIS PATTERN to create a patchwork anatomical heart and applique to anything you like! (this one makes a great stash buster)

Embroider a heart design in french knots to make the perfect gift for your crafty friends!

Stitch up a few hand-embroidered drawstring bags and stuff goodies, sentimental momentos inside.

Whip up a batch of little brownie tarts to share with friends and family.

Make graphic embroidered art for your sweetie pie or bestie.

 Create a lipstick piñata for a fun and festive touch to Galentine’s Day!

Embroider a message from the heart onto a Valentine’s Day wall hanging with instructions from The Pretty Life Girls.

Sew up a set of pillows to complete a heart of gold! Headboard fabric is Arrows Gray by Holli Zollinger

Design your own Valentine’s Day candy wrappers

Need help finding fabrics for your Valentine’s Day crafting? We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite heart-inspired fabrics from the Marketplace:

Love is in the Air by Kaya Joy | Hearts and Arrows by Ello Lovey | Hearts & Chevron in Mint and Peach by Trine Tollefsen  Dancing Flowers by Stacey Iesthsu | Open your Heart by Penny Candy | Hearts and Arrows by Katherine Codega

From top left corner, Love and Paper Airplanes (pale blue) by TheBLine_I_ABP, Red Birds (with little hearts) by Verycherry, Snap by BrightonBelle, Rabbit and Heart Linen by Holli Zollinger, Rococo Love (pink) by HappySewLucky, Diamonds and Hearts Red by Zesti,Sweethearts and Blackhearts by Asset68, Be My Valentine by Valentina Ramos, and Very Valentine Envelope Toss by RyanWalsh3457

Need more  ideas? Follow us on Pinterest and check out our DIY Valentines Day board.

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