Create Fabric Dolls from Drawings!

JAN 31, 2015

Personalized gifts always make the biggest impression. Audrey, crafter extraordinaire and creative author of This Little Street, shares how she used Spoonflower to turn her daughter’s art into dolls to give as party favors at her daughter’s birthday! 

Fabric dolls

For a while now I’ve been trying to think about what to do with the girls best drawings – I really hate to see these pretty pictures pilled up in the box….because let’s be honest, friends, given the industrial amount of drawings the girls make there is no way I can proudly hang them ALL on the wall. Our walls just don’t have that square footage 🙂 I’ve also been wanting to show the girls the many ways that our imagination can come alive, how their pretty pictures can become so much more.

Fabric dolls

A couple months ago I was playing around on Spoonflower trying to design my own fabric (more on that later I promise!), and it hit me – I realized I could easily just print some of their best drawings on fabric and sew little dolls out of them! Olivia’s birthday was coming up, and I thought these would make awesome party favors for all of her friends.


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