Create Cozy Floor Pillows!

JAN 13, 2015

Here at Spoonflower HQ winter has officially arrived. Get cozy and prepare to hibernate for the rest of the cold weather with cute floor pillows created using our Eco Canvas. These pillows add a pop of color to your space, and they are oh-so-cozy for lounging through the cold months ahead! Spoonflower crew member Kelly shows us how she stitched up a couple for her sweet niece and nephew.

Create cozy floor pillows

My niece and nephew are all about comfort. When I saw some floor beds made out of pillows on Pinterest, I knew had to make them some! I started out by finding a few prints that I thought they would like. I decided on A Bear Camp by Demigoutte and Burnt Orange Wide Stripes by Sweet Zoe Shop for my nephew. He is on the verge of a camping themed big boy room, so I thought it would be perfect! Then I chose Vibrant Floral Garden by Oksancia and Purple White Petite Polka by Scrummy for my niece. She is all about everything pink and purple, so how could I go wrong?

Printed fabrics

You will need 2 yards of fabric for each side and 4 bed pillows per bed. I recommend getting standard bed pillows that are all the same size, I did not and it was a little lopsided. I decided to use coordinating fabrics, but you can use the same print for each side if you would like. I chose Eco Canvas due to its durability. Plus, it is really easy to sew something of this size with since it is so sturdy. The top piece will need to be cut down to 25” by 72”. The back will be cut into two sections, one 18” by 72” and the other 13” by 72”.

Cutting out pieces

You are basically making a giant envelope pillow case at this point. So you will need to finish the edges of the two back pieces. I ironed down the edge about ½ and inch and the folded it over again ½ inch and ironed to get a clean finished edge then sewed that edge.

Ironing edges

Once you have the edge of both back pieces finished, lay the top piece down with the print facing up. Now lay the narrower of the two back pieces down with the print facing down, with the unfinished side matching the edge of the top fabric.

Creating custom floor pillows

Then place the wider bottom piece down with its unfinished edge matching with the other side of the top fabric and pin all along the edges.

Pinning edges of floor pillow

Sew along all 4 edges, then flip the pillow case right side out and iron. You now have your giant envelope pillow. Lay it back out and measure out 4 even sections length wise. Each section should roughly be 17 3/4” long. These will be your sections where you insert your pillows. Since my fabric had a pattern (polka dots) I could follow that across the width to form a straight line, I just marked these sections out with a pin. But if your fabric does not have a clear guide, I recommend drawing a line all the way across with disappearing marker. I also recommend pinning the center flap down to keep it in place. That makes sewing the sections a lot easier.

Finishing edges

Sew straight lines across the width of the fabric to create the 4 sections that you have marked out. Now you have 4 sections. Insert the 4 bed pillows and you have yourself a floor pillow bed!

Cozy floor pillows

Finished floor pillows

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  • Franklin Rawley

    have you ever sold any of these and what was your asking and final price? we have made several from twill fabrics and some from sheeting material. these would be different prices of course, but wondered if you have sold any. thanks

  • I think your idea is a terrific one! I plan on “cutting” it down in size to accommodate our Labrador, I will use “waterproof covers on the standard pillow, the cover will come off easy for laundry! Will also make the full version for the grandkids! thanks for the idea

  • This is a wonderful idea. I have made one which I loved! I have given it to a child and I am already working on #2 and getting ready for #3. Please send us some more ideas! Louise Tate P.S. Give us instructions for buying the beautiful fabric that you used on yours.

  • Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for your note! The openings for the pillows are on the back. It is one big envelop pillow sewn in to four sections. Hope that helps!

  • Hi,
    These are adorable- thanks for sharing. One Q- are there openings on the side to insert the pillows (as with a ‘regular’ pillowcase)? It is hard to tell i the photo

  • Very cute and easy! I love the coordinated prints you chose for your projects. Adorable kids, too!