How to ensure this is the best year yet? As we launch into January, take some time to try these fun and simple ways to motivate you to stick with your fabulous resolutions, whether you’re aiming to hit the gym, eat healthier, sew all the things, take stock of what you’re thankful for, or just find time for a little more relaxation.

  1. Stick to your #SewGoals with a Sewing Planner from Colette Patterns.
    light blue planner surrounded by a white eraser, blue pencils, and white paper clips
    Sewing Planner from Colette Patterns

  2. Make a pouf to freshen up your space and relax your legs using the free pouf knitting pattern from Craft Passion.
    knitted pouf pattern
  3. Keep your pins handy and your fabric organized with this DIY fabric organizer from Radiant Home Studio.
  4.  Improve your sleep and add a handmade touch to your post-workout savasana (or nap!) with this easy lavender eye mask 
  5. Get healthy and start meal planning with the help of gorgeous, customizable planners from May Designs.
    May Designs customizable notebooks
    Choose from tons of gorgeous designs for your own customizable fitness, meal, budget, or daily planner

    custom planners from May Designs

  6. So 2017 is the year you get in shape and focus on meditation, eh? Keep your hair off of your face during workouts and yoga sessions while looking lovely with simple DIY knit headbands. We recommend Sport Lycra.While you’re at it, why not make one for your little one, too? We love this tutorial (with free printable template) from Coral + Co.
  7. Experience the joy of cooking as you learn to whip up new, exotic dishes with this adorable oven mitt and hot pad DIY from A Beautiful Mess.Oven Mitt and Hot Pad
  8. Over the years, psychologists have identified great social, psychological, and physical health benefits that come from giving thanks, and one of the best ways to do that is through a gratitude journal.