As we come to the close of our first full week of January, the Internet is simply bursting with challenges, e-courses, printables, and inspiration to keep you motivated to achieve your goals and to keep your resolutions for this new year. Whether you’re resolving to learn a new skill or to finally finish the lonely WIPs you’ve collected over the years, here are some tools we find particularly helpful for taking action and staying motivated as we charge right along into this new year.

1. Take a free online craft class.

An image with a green and blue bag to the left and a small floral clutch to the bottom left. To the right, are the words "Kristin Link's Bag-Making Basics: Reversible tote and zipper pouch."

The web is full of comprehensive and high quality video courses to get you started with your craft projects, especially at a beginning level. It’s the perfect way to get a jump on that new skill you’re itching to learn this year. Craftsy offers mini-classes in everything from sewing a bag with Sew, Mama, Sew! founder Kristin Link to woodworking and gardening.

2. Clear your space, clear your mind with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.

Apartment Therapy's January Cure
It really is easier to cook a healthy meal, stretch in the morning, or start a new sewing project when your space is clutter-free and set up to maximize your workflow. The January Cure brings you daily emails for a month’s worth of small projects designed to get your place in shape. They even have a downloadable calendar to help you plan your tasks for the month. 

3. Make #WIPWednesday or #FinishItFriday part of your routine.

Finish It Friday quilt block

Pick a day of the week to focus on those half-knitted sweaters or quilt tops waiting to be basted, and post photos of your progress or, better yet, finished projects on your blog or preferred social media platform to stay accountable. Your friends and followers will be delighted by what you’re working on, and their comments and encouragement can help get you to the finish line.

4. Listen and learn while you work toward your goals with related podcasts.

While She Naps podcast logo

Make the most of time spent reaching your goals by listening to podcasts related to your interests. Maybe you’ve resolved to pursue your creative business idea full-time in 2015? Well as you stitch, print, and plan, put on Abby Glassenberg’s While She Naps podcast to hear the valuable experiences of other makers who have gone this route ahead of you. The insight and advice to be gained by experts in your field can keep you motivated and inspired.

5. Remember that reaching your goal is a journey, with many small steps along the way.

Confucius free printable

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The small actions you take toward reaching your larger goals deserve to be celebrated. Surround yourself with inspiration (find lovely free printables on the web or design your own) and reminders that even a small step toward achieving your goal is worthy.

You’ve made it through the first week of the new year, and we’re so excited to see all that can be accomplished in 2015!