We’re five days in to the new year, so how is it going with those resolutions? Whether your enthusiasm for reaching your goals is still going strong or you could use a little encouragement, these tools and tips for sticking to your crafty resolutions—with cute fabrics to match—are sure to inspire!

1. Buddy up for your New Year’s goals

Knitting PortaitsKnitting Portraits designed by Mummy Sam

Planning for a new year can be overwhelming, but having a friend challenging themselves to a similar goal will help keep you motivated and on track. Maybe you’re hoping to learn to knit in the New Year. Ask a friend to join you–it will make your new crafty goal much more enjoyable! 

2. Keep it simple and trackable


Setting broad large goals can be a bit overwhelming and may set you up for failure. Instead of deciding you’ll tackle learning a new skill by completing the most intense project, set smaller monthly goals and try to break your overall goal in to smaller, bite-size bits that can be more easily achieved. Use a tool like Elise’s goal tracker to mark off each day that you complete a step towards your resolution!

3. Join a crafting group!

Spoonflower GreenhouseQuilts for Kids sew-in at the Greenhouse

Crafting with a group is a great way to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Meetup is a great resource for finding local sewing and crafting groups, like Spoonflower’s Greenhouse Events!

4. Be specific  

When setting your goals for 2015, did you choose vague resolutions? It’s harder to achieve more broad goals such as “be more creative.” So try to make your resolutions measurable. For example, say you want to sew every day. That’s a task you can more easily check off your list. 

5. Share your progress!

#SpoonfloweredWhen you finish your first knitting project or fabric design, share your work! People love to see what others are creating, and it’s a great way to find a community of makers to help hold you accountable. Using hashtag #spoonflower on the social media outlet of your choice is a great way to share your work with the Spoonflower community.