Silver, Blue and Golden Gifts and Fabrics

DEC 15, 2014

The holiday season is in full swing, but taking a time out to make the gifts and decorations that add flair to your gatherings is a great way to reflect on the blessings and abundance of the season. We've rounded up some lovely (and simple!) DIY projects that you can easily finish before Hanukkah celebrations begin tomorrow.

DIY Gold Star Garland | On a Sweet Sugar Rush

Mint Gold Checker Stars by MrsHervi

 Tassel Necklace (video tutorial) | Professor Pincushion

Emma by Ottomanbrim

Shibori Notebooks | Erin Made This

Shibori 6 by Jill Byers

Painted Cork Coasters | Studio BeauVert

Silver Glitter Chevron by Eivie&Co

DIY Felt Gift Pouch | Alice & Lois

Gold and Jeans Sparkle Dots by Ravynka

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