Sometimes the hardest part of fabric design is just getting started. It’s common to feel completely uninspired, but luckily there are a million ways to get the creative juices flowing. Today we’re sharing our favorite places and ways to find inspiration. How do you get inspired? Please share in the comments below!

1. Visit somewhere new.

Hit the streets in a urban area to be inspired by the city buzz and bright lights. Take a drive out to the country. Or take a break online and look up photographs and videos of places where you’d like to be.

2. Meet some new friends.

Go to the zoo, go for a walk and look around outside, or hang out with your pet friends. Animals are the perfect subjects for your first (or next) fabric design.

3. Get close with some fruit and veg.

Check out your local farmers’ market. Let the hard work and bountiful harvests of local farmers inspire you. Or open your crisper drawer and get inspired by the natural world.


4. Get out.

Go outside and clear your head with a little fresh air. Can’t get away? Take a minute and think about the last time you felt a cool breeze on your skin.

5. Learn something new.

Spend time at a museum, either online or in person. Find inspiration from a place filled with historical creatures, beautiful paintings and creepy crawlies! 

6. Perk up.

Go visit your neighborhood coffee shop. Spend the afternoon sipping on a warm up of coffee and taking in the inspiring tastes, smells and views.

7. Get moving.

Go for a long drive or train ride. Take in what you see around you.

8. Relax with loved ones.

The best ideas can come during a break—so take a few minutes to relax and chat with friends.


9. Look through old photos.

Reminisce about your history, remember old memories and create a beautiful design inspired by loved ones or a great adventure!


10. Go look at things made by hand.

Visit a handmade market. Look through a book of craft work. Check out what other creatives have made and are making, along with what they use to motivate their own work.