Updated February 25, 2021
Eco Canvas was retired on February 25, 2021 but you can recreate this project with Spoonflower’s Recycled Canvas. Learn more about Recyceld Canvas, a woven canvas featuring REPREVE® recycled polyester suitable for seasonal outdoor use.

Today Mariah Palmer, author of Everything Golden, visits the blog to share how she used Eco Canvas to create a simple fold over bag!

DIY - Eco Canvas Bagv2.jpg

Hi there, it’s Mariah from Everything Golden here to share another project idea using Spoonflower’s Eco Canvas fabric. I really love the texture of the fabric and how the print translated.

For the print I scanned some drawings of wildflowers from a vintage wildflower book and created the print in Adobe Illustrator. I created a document the size of fat quarter 21” x 18”. Then using rulers created the composition I wanted. You could create a repeat pattern of any image you like. You can also purchase the wildflower print here.

Screen shot.png

What you’ll need:

  • An old belt
  • A leather punch
  • Rivets
  • Fabric
  • Thread

DIY - Eco canvas bag 3I ordered two pieces of the fat quarter fabric and used a scrap piece for the bottom.

1. Figure out the dimensions you want and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving ⅕” seam allowance on all sides except the top – leave 2”. I like to use a bag that I already own and like the size of to figure out the dimensions.

DIY - Eco canvas bag 4.jpg

2. Sew the bottom scrap piece of fabric to the ends of the printed Eco Canvas pieces to create one long piece.

3. (Optional) To create a flat bottom bag, pinch two sides of fabric on either side of the center bottom and fold into seam to create more volume. For additional tips on sewing a flat bottom bag, check out this video.

DIY - Eco canvas bag 5.jpg

4. Finish the top by folding over twice, press with an iron and sew.

5. Place right sides together and sew edges.

6. Now you can attached your belt. Punch a hole in the fabric and the belt making sure it’s a snug fit with your rivet. Follow instructions from your rivet package. Hammer to set.

DIY - Eco canvas bag 6.jpg

This would make a great laptop/book bag. If you didn’t want to do the foldover style, you could easily make a simple tote, so many possibilities!

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MariahMariah is a creative wanderer in design, photography, and style  A nature lover to the core she grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, spent some time in Colorado and is now happy at home in Bozeman, Montana, wher her laser physicist husband and a smarty pants border collie named Indie.  Her biggest source of inspriation is found in the solace of the mountains.