Sewing for Good: Quilts for Kids Sew-In

SEP 27, 2014 updated May 20, 2021

GreenhouseHeaderLast weekend we were delighted to have our local Willow Spring, NC chapter of Quilts for Kids in the Greenhouse for a sew-in! With help from volunteers and a generous batting donation from our friends at Fairfield, we are pleased to report that over 30 quilt tops were sewn and we had a marvelous time!


Quilt tops, batting, and lots of smiles as our awesome volunteers strike a pose in our lobby!

You just can't top a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning spent sewing for a great cause, and our Quilts for Kids Sew-In last weekend still has us smiling! The Willow Spring, NC chapter of Quilts for Kids joined us in the Greenhouse, our classroom and community space here at the Spoonflower HQ, for a morning spent assembling the pre-cut quilt kits they continuously (and expertly!) prepare throughout the year. These quilts are donated to various organizations and hospitals that take care of children facing serious illness and children of abuse. We made the call to our amazing Greenhouse community for volunteer sewers for this worthwhile cause, and it was a full house. Our friends at Fairfield were so generous to donate two large rolls of batting for us to use in finishing the quilts, and together we completed over 30 beautifully coordinated quilt tops!


Nihla & Anitha pose with their finished tops.


Lyly finishes her first patchwork pieces.


Marilyn poses with a beautiul, bright top all ready to be quilted.

Sisters Bonnie and Vickie, our local organziers, have coordinated the donation and quilting of over 2710 quilts in the past four years–no small feat! They donate 60 quilts each month to 8 different hospitals in central North Carolina.


Bonnie and Vickie are thrilled with this batting donation–together they lovingly quilt 60 quilts each month!  

Bonnie became involved with Quilts for Kids in 2010 when she bought her longarm quilting machine and, needing some practice, she began going online to request quilt kits. Piecing and quilting these blankets was great practice and great fun, and, wanting to spread this joy in North Carolina, she started a local chapter. She now relies on a team of 25-35 people who consistently help finish the quilts. She's even upgraded her longarm machine, passing on her first machine to her sister and co-organizer, Vickie. On an average day, they'll each set up two quilts at a time on their longarm machines and, on a good day, they can finish quilting 8 blankets each! 


This is a perfect project for any sewing level! Claire and Suvidha work as team to get started on their first quilt.

The beautiful thing about Quilts for Kids is that there are so many ways to help with this charity, no matter where you are located–no longarm quilting machine necessary. Just take a look at the "How to Help" section of the Quilts for Kids website. You can request a quilt kit from the national headquarters or a local chapter or donate your time, fabric or quilting materials. And if you're interested in donating to our local chapter, Bonnie and Vickie will happily finish your quilt for you.
We are so grateful to everyone who came out to support Quilts for Kids! And a huge thank you to our friends at Fairfield for donating the batting to finish our quilts and make them extra snuggly! You can catch more photos of our sew-in on the Spoonflower Greenhouse Facebook page, along with our upcoming schedule of events. The generosity of the crafting community never ceases to amaze us, and we'd love to hear your stories of crafting for good, too! If you have an organization that is near and dear to your or if you have a sew-in or event coming up, please do let us know if the comments!
Thanks so much,

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